WhatIfGaming GC 2008: Afrika Multiplayer Details + No Europe/America Release Confirmed

Usman Ihtsham of WhatIfGaming writes: "We received some exclusive details at GC 2008 regarding Sony's exclusive safari photo adventure for the PlayStation 3 console. The sad news is that it's pretty much a given that the title will not be making a debut to Europe especially America anytime soon or ever."

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BlackIceJoe3704d ago

I may be the only one in either North America or Europe but I really wanted to play Afrika. After seeing the first trailer I was amazed by how the animals looked and when I saw trailers after that the game looked even better. So when I hear a game like this that is different then games that are out on the market right now it sucks. Because I like seeing these out side of the box games. So I would have loved to play this. So I just hope Sony rethinks the idea of not bringing the game out and decides to bring it out in other parts of the world too.

dro3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

y am i not suprised,im in europe and i dont see this game doing well over here.....but if u add a gun im sure it will sell alot ;D

this is not my type of game,it reminds me of pokemon snap and i hated that game so much!!!!! if u want a causal game just wait till LBP comes out (-_-)

games that u take pictures of things are kinda dumb!!!

Tinman13704d ago

article says small small possibility ; (

Raoh3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

i've been interested in this title for the longest.. since i first heard about it....

i know sony has some solid hits on their table coming up and that i'm enjoying but what is up with this japan only crap?

between last year and now there were some titles that were japan only that could have helped the ps3 in the U.S.

but they never localized them....

i'm not sure who at sony made the decision to make this a japan only release

but as a ps3 owner who truly appreciates his ps3

FREAK YOU SONY and who every the dumbazz who made this decision...

Afrika would have been a solid Pre-Order for me not to mention one of those titles i would have pushed on my friends....

i'm almost ready to write Sony an email

not that i think it would do anything but the fact that i'm willing to take the time out to do so expresses how mad i am about this...

Gambit073704d ago

I don't know why lotsa people made a big deal about the graphics, it doesn't look that good to me, just look at the ground textures, the characters look very Sega arcadey type. Wasn't this game like in development for 3 years? I'm guessing it will come to NA eventually to recoup for the production, or maybe as a download if the file isn't too big.

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