Overwatch Beta PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC Comparison and Performance Analysis

Digital Foundry:

Dave compares all three versions of Overwatch - revealing a few PC advantages like better shadows, extra reflections and improved texture filtering. We also take a final look at PS4 and Xbox One performance before its final launch.

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kevnb1515d ago

These guys always do their best to appear non biased, but in this case I think the game is actually mostly the same across platforms.

Rude-ro1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Only to the blind fool. Last gen, anything on the 360 was stated as a clear advantage. This gen, it is compare the ps4 to the pc to list negatives then bring in the Xbox one and say things "for the most part" and any other positive spins. Just like they did in this video for screen tearing and frame freezes.
You do not see non-biased, you see a positive spin for their financial backers.