VR Will Bring Back The Question of Better Framerate Into AAA Games – Project CARS Dev

One thing that has happened this generation has been an emphasis on resolution in video games at the expense of all else- including, much to my chagrin, at the expense of a game's performance and framerate.

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S2Killinit1113d ago

I believe it should be "frame rate" instead of "framrate".

amiga-man1113d ago

I think the author makes too many presumptions, like instead of 1080p games should be lower rez and 60fps, I really don't think it is that simple, lowering the rez will offer some room to manouvre, but in itself won't be enough to double framerate (with certain exceptions)

VR might cause a change of mindset, but how only time will tell.

DavidD1112d ago

@Amiga-man Exactly. All this VR speculation is getting old. Can we not just wait a year and we will see what we will see.