IGN: Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm Review

The game has depth, and that counts for something, but it will have absolutely no appeal to people who aren't fans of the show or the genre. And even those who find the game fun for a while will be hard-pressed to find it fun season after season. Unless you're a super fan of the show, or this kind of simulation appeals to you greatly, IGN recommends renting before you buy.

Presentation - 5.5
Graphics - 4.0
Sound - 5.0
Gameplay - 6.5
Lasting Appeal - 6.5
Overall -

heyheyhey5660d ago

if any Xbox fan who said Afrika looks boring says this game is good.. i will laugh my ass off

scratch that... if anyone says this game looks fun i will laugh my ass off


'Deadliest Catch' Crew Talk Games And Tech On The Set of 'After The Catch'

BRECKENRIDGE, COLORADO – Discovery Channel continues to captivate TV audiences with its one-two punch of Alaskan crab fisherman. Every Tuesday night, viewers tune in at 9pm ET to watch “Deadliest Catch” followed at 10pm ET by “After the Catch.”

While fans of the show won’t ever get the chance to become a greenhorn on the deck of one of the world’s deadliest jobs, they have been able to relive the experience virtually. There have been two console games – Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm and Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos – and a free-to-play online game on the official Web site.


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Playing Through The Pain: Deadliest Catch Edition

GrE writes, "Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm however, is probably one of the most boring games I have yet to play. Being a huge fan of the show, I figured I would give this one a shot. I knew just by the sheer fact that it was a based on a Discovery channel show that it was going to be bad..."

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roblef5301d ago

I never thought this would be a good game.

wondroushippo5301d ago

Well, it COULD have been the sleeper hit of 2009. Not really.

bgrundman5301d ago

This game was going to be a steaming pile of crap before they ever typed a single line of code.

roblef5301d ago

Just 'cause I'm from AK doesn't make this game my fault.

Haly5301d ago

Sounds like a real classic!
Never really seen the appeal in games like this anyhow admittedly.

supercharger51505301d ago

looks like the game's as good as the show! ohhhh burn

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