New Mafia III Trailer Shows Driving in New Bordeaux

2K Games released a brand new trailer of Mafia III, and this time around it focuses on driving.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

I do love the Bullitt-esque car in the beginning of the video and the 60's speedometer on the HUD is a nice touch.....

Kreisen1108d ago

I grew up on old movies so i really love this. If there is one thing that truly bothered me about GTA5 it was how static the cars felt.

Errorist761108d ago

I agree...they dialled the realism back a notch too much after GTA4! I hope the driving in Mafia3 will be like a mixture between GTA5 & 4.

Errorist761108d ago

Pleeeease be as epic as Mafia1...the second game sadly was a mild disappointment for me.

mafiahajeri1108d ago

They really need to remove that thing where cars explode so easily. Unless it's a grenade launcher then the cars shouldn't explode at all.

cfc831108d ago

This game is begining to grab my attention. Not been a mafia player before. If the single player is good/long enough, i'll overlook there being no mp.

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