4 reasons to stop hating on The Division

"Let me start this list off with a statement – I am not a massive fan of Ubisoft. I think that their games are, in the most part, recycled, re-skind, and re-hashed. I’m looking at you, Assassin’s Creed series. That being said, they do make good games – despite how unoriginal they sometimes are."

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thorstein1529d ago

I never started hating it. I got my money's worth that is for sure. It is a great game and the upcoming DLC looks great. It is still supported, with yet another free update on the horizon. I have the platinum trophy for it. It is fun to play but I went back to Fallout 4 for the DLC that just came out for that.

maybelovehate1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I don't hate it, but I have stopped playing. It was a fun couple of weeks.

SavingPvt_Highon1529d ago

It was a blast up until I got to level 30. Purple drops at level 30 was frustrating for me. The 1st patch where gold loot was dropped for level 30's was too little too late for me. Regretting buying the dlc.

objdadon1529d ago

The game encourages 4v1 pvp, nuff said

1528d ago
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