Has The 'RPG Style' Ruined Modern Gaming?

Take a look at why John D. thinks RPGs may have influenced modern gaming and may have ruined them, or just maybe changed them for the better. What do you think?

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xtjmac510x1114d ago

I think it's helped quite a bit.

FrostbiteGhost1114d ago

I don't think it has ruined the genre. I just think it is going to take time for developers to find a way to make certain aspects from RPGs fit and work the right way in other genres.

SomeBeardy2Love1114d ago

There is definitely the good, the bad, and the ugly, when it comes down to it, lets be honest.

kaizen6261114d ago

Been saying it for years. Ever since Skyrim and games like it began to sell like a high end genre RPGs are seen as the en vogue money maker and every game strives to have some sort of RPG element because they think that's why people buy games. Same thing with "length of game". Everything is way too long and with way too much side stuff to do. It feels like padding in so many games. The games that sell well do these things well to make it not feel like padding but necessary and meaningful content. If the game doesn't make the player feel like there is a point to all of this other than it just being there then it's not effective and therefore annoying.

veicht1112d ago

RPGs were selling well long before skyrim..... For example FInal Fantasy 7 was the second highest selling game for the first playstation system. I don't think its a matter of it being "en vogue", I think that there are certain addictive properties to rpg elements that businesses want to capitalize on (this has been explicitly stated by some developers, like bungie regarding destiny for example). Personally I love rpgs and do like to see rpg mechanics in other genres from time to time so it isn't an inherently bad thing as far as I am concerned BUT it should certainly be ok (and in certain games it definitely makes more sense) to not have them.

KentBenMei1112d ago

I like RPG elements, but not all games need them, nor do they all do it right, which can be an issue. Also, idiots don't know what a real RPG is any more, arguing that everything is one.

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