GameSpy: Mario Super Sluggers Review

Mario Super Sluggers lacks online support, which could have made this a huge winner for fans of baseball and Mario alike. Regardless, the game is perfectly suited for party settings, especially when you get players working together on the same team, cheering each other on or working together defensively to pull off spectacular plays. With just a bit more polish and more refinement of the gesture-recognition system, this one could have been a huge hit. As it stands, Mario Super Sluggers is an enjoyable baseball game that puts the emphasis on the fun, right where it should be.

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Immortal Kaim3731d ago

Surprisingly good score. Maybe I should give it a go.

Product3730d ago

I just got it today and will say its exactly like the gamecube game with "not so realistic"motion controls.If you liked the gamecube game and want the update get it but i regret not buying Tiger Woods 09 wii instead.Time for the trade in.