Forza 6 Apex’s Dynamic PC Settings Are Amazing

There's something really special about the way that Turn 10 is approaching graphics settings in Forza 6 Apex and Pennyworth Reviews thinks that it may change the way PC games are made in future.

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Ognipode1112d ago

I really hope this gets integrated into more PC games in future!

SouljAx3601112d ago

That actually sounds pretty nice. Like the dynamic shadows mod for FO4.

starchild1112d ago

This really is very innovative and useful. It's never been done in a game to this degree and definitely not in a PC game. More options is always a good thing and there's really no downside, because you're still free to tweak settings manually if you want.

Errorist761112d ago

It's a great option to have. Just sad the rest of the options are so sparse.

kevnb1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Other games have had this sort of setting, dark souls 3 for one. I usually turn it off though. I believe the rage engine also scales to try and keep 60fps.