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With so much hype surrounding this long time release, Sith Lord Jim at XboxOZ360-Gamer tells it like it is.

Sith Lord Jim writes: "I was at no point prior to playing Too Human at all optimistic about it in any way shape or form. It wasn't like I was looking at it with a "glass half empty" sort of view either. It was more of a "the glass is completely empty and there's a clown trying to stab me in the neck" with it sort of thing.

So I guess it is reasonable to say that I had managed to not get caught up in all the positive hype that this title had generated during it's massive development time. After playing the demo I had so many negative things I wanted to say about this game, but after spending time with the final product I have got to say I'm pleasantly surprised."

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Hunter863704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Absurd analogy at the start. Anyway I would pick this up if it wasnt for the clunk control stick fighting.

XboxOZ3603704d ago

As the author said, he didn't like the demo and had mixed feelings about it, but things did change when he played through the retail code fo the game.

So perhaps giving the game a try via rental might have you look at it differently.

You DID read the review - didn't you ???

leeeeed3704d ago

w00t - absurd analogies ftw! Seriously though, Clown = Circus. As in, Media Circus? As in, hype machine? Just in case you didn't get it the first time :)

cito35th3704d ago

when a 360 fanboy site like this one rates a "highly anticipated" game like too human a very low score is when you know that the game is HORRIBLE .... live with it

XboxOZ3603704d ago

Not a game I'm overly fussed with to tell you the truth, as it's a genre' I'm not that keen with in the first place. So I can't really pass judgment on it as far as playing goes, but the review does seem to approach it from a neutral standpoint, which is good.

Superfragilistic3704d ago

It's not AAA, but it's a lot of damn fun and the score above seems about right to me. If you were a Diablo, WoW or dungeon crawling fan in general I'd highly recommend it.

I'll pass 50hrs, maybe even 100hrs on this title without much effort which IMO says a hell of a lot about this title's enjoyable replayablity compared to many "15hrs and it's over" type games. It'll keep me busy until LBP and Fable 2 come knocking that's for sure! :)

Immortal Kaim3704d ago

Decent score for a game I didn't expect to do to well. Good read. I might try and pick this up cheap from Playasia, anyone done that already?

Superfragilistic3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

You can do Play Asia or buy some cheapies from EB's 2 for 1 preowned sale and exploit GAME's friendlier exclusion list. Cost me about $45. :)

And the game is much better than some (Gamespot, 1Up) would lead you to believe, unless you feel that personal feelings about Denis Dyack, development times and NeoGaf should factor into review scores! :P

It's no doubt buggy and the graphics are occasionally questionable, but the core gameplay, looting and co-op are a lot of fun... not perfect, but fun. In fact I've spent more hours replaying Too Human than I did completing GTAIV's story and realising there wasn't much else! ;)

Immortal Kaim3704d ago

Thanks for the tips Super. I might just have to pick it up then, I am actually quite fond of Loot games.


XboxOZ3603704d ago

Denis Dyack didn't do himself any favours by throwing the tantrum he did on several forums, and getting himself banned from NeoGAF. People then see the developer having a hissy-fit and judge the game based on that, not the game based on the finished code and how it plays, or doesn't play.

Superfragilistic3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

I thought him being banned from NeoGaf actually demonstrated exactly what he had accused NeoGaf of and ironically he became the monster that he hunted on those forums.

In fact I can't help but think that maybe Dyack secretly thinks he's Baldur killing all the trolls in the NeoGaf dungeons! lol

Seriously though, I think the NeoGaf incident had much more effect on reviewer's simply for the fact that many reviewer's are part of that community, and Dyack by association attacked them all. The earlier 1up incident and other run ins clearly didn't help either.

Dyack should really take a leaf out of Peter Moore's book on pirates and learn that going after and attacking your consumer base to prove a point is not exactly the best option for commercial (and critical) success.

titntin3704d ago

I think your wromg to think Dyaks pompous attitude is responsable for the reviews this game has got.

It's got very patchy reviews because its a very patchy game! Anyone who has spent quality time with the finished product knows that it is far from the 'complete article'. Your final overall feeling is pretty much based on how much the level-up loot collecting pull grabs you. For some people its enough to make it an enjoyable experience, and I just about count myself as one of these!

It's a shame really. Though I will no doubt get many hours of entertainment from it, you can't help but imagine just how good it could have been, and Dyaks insistance that any critiscm is completely unfounded leads me to think that the same issues that hold this back from greatness, will still be present in the sequals.

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leeeeed3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

I'm ummming and arrrring about this... I think I'm just not into this kinda game. Great Review from Sith Lord Jim thought! :)

GiantEnemyCrab3704d ago

Just finished the game first play thru and I think this score is definately fair. Nice job.

I am going to play it a second time (currently level 29 beserker) for more loot.

Immortal Kaim3704d ago

If I hadn't played the demo for a considerable amount of time and didn't unlock any of the other characters, what would be a good character to choose for my first playthrough. Im gonna go order it now.

Thanks in advance for the help

silverchode3704d ago

how long did your first run thru take?

Superfragilistic3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

I'd recommend a Champion as he's the most balanced and will give you an opportunity to learn all the different play styles (eg. heavy melee, combo melee, ballistics, spells, air combat). Many people try the Berserker first but the second level will put them into a state of shock as it ramps the difficulty up and he doesn't have the hit points for a novice gamer to succeed without dying every 2 minutes.

First playthrough took me 15hrs, 15deaths and I finished at Lvl30 with most of the secrets found. I'm now up to 30hrs and at Lvl40 odd and am playing a lot of co-op and drop in drop out dungeons (you don't have to replay campaign from beginning to end). The game gets incredibly hard as it levels with you and randomly generates enemy types, enemy positions, loot and some environments, making your customised gear, your skill choices and your combat mastery the crucial difference.

The Commando is a lot of fun for those who are looking for a 3D version of Geometry Wars, but make sure you keep a hammer to do radius juggles that clear off hordes that get too close. ;)

Personally I'm looking forward to replaying as the Bioengineer for his healing abilities, powerful spells and co-op greatness. :P

GiantEnemyCrab3704d ago

Immortal: Read what Superfrag typed. I agree with the Champion being a good balanced character to start with.

Silver: I am right about 14.5 hours.

Immortal Kaim3704d ago

Thanks Super and Crab. Im actually getting more interested the more I hear. Champion it is :)


3704d ago
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