Analysis: Every Detail From The New Battlefield Image on Xbox Dashboard

ThisGenGaming: Thanks to a user on Reddit by the name of Criop20 it seems all but confirmed the next Battlefield will be set in some version of WW1. From what we can gather, he’s wearing the trench coat in a ‘cape style’ and is carrying a Mauser C96 and trench club/grenade with a Zeppelin in background.


A new poster image has just leaked confirming the next Battlefield will be titled 'Battlfield 1' all but confirming the WW1 setting.

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sAVAge_bEaST1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

A few hours left. WW1 confirmed.

jony_dols1108d ago

Can't wait! Very underutilised time-period in gaming. If anyone is interested in WW1 history, listen to Dan Carlin's 'Blueprint for Armageddon' podcast series...a crazy war, but fascinating.

nix1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

so this game is like as SuperbVillian commented else where - "the game is a ww1 game but ww1 takes place in the year 2346".

if this is true then it's like WW1 in alternate reality or WW1 of the future.

Interesting, if you think about it.

quenomamen1108d ago

His podcasts on WW1 and Khan gave me a whole new look on the subjects. Khan was essentially responsible for devistating parts of the middle east to the point where they never really recovered till this day ? Blew my mind.

Aeery1108d ago

I don't know ...
If the setting is a realistic/real ww1 I'm out.
A twisted ww1 setting could be more interesting (and I'm in)

We will see.

Fin_The_Human1108d ago

So does that mean that MS gets DLC exclusive deal for Battlefield.

Its like a reversal from last gen where MS was pro COD and Sony was pro Battlefield.

FITgamer1108d ago

It's Battlefield 1 according to this image leak from ad poster.

GHOSTxx4201108d ago

This is awesome. Finally something different then all these other futuristic shooters.

ShadowKnight1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Are you gonna have to keep reloading your gun on every single shot lol. I know they had machine guns lol

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Paytaa1108d ago

Hmmm interesting. Looks like it really is WW1.

Majin-vegeta1108d ago

Yea but in an alternate world.

Paytaa1108d ago

It also has the Sterling SMG which wasn't a thing until WW2.

TwoForce1108d ago

A Steampunk WW 1 ? I think so.

-Foxtrot1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

If it's WW1, I would be kind of interested.

"the Great War could be difficult to be the setting for a full-fledged Battlefield game due to the simple limitation of weapons and vehicles that were avaliable during WW1"

Good. I'm sick of over complicated things in multiplayer games. Less is more.

I want a skill based driven multiplayer game, not a gimmick driven one.

OrangePowerz1108d ago

You do know that one if the big features of Battlefield always was vehicpe variety right?

-Foxtrot1108d ago

I was talking more about the guns...which mean more loadouts....which mean more weapon mods....which mean more unbalancing.

And so on

People are too used of multiplayer games these days giving them everything they need at the start of every match. It's why I bloody adored Uncharted 2s multiplayer compared to what it is now.

If you want a better weapon or something then find it on the map it's only fair. It becomes about skill and not about what you've unlocked.

OrangePowerz1108d ago

If you have better weapons on the map that doesn't mean it becomes about s. In that case it's just about learning what is where and remember spawn timers. That works fine for something like UT, Doom, etc. but I wouldn't want that in a more "realistic" shooter.

A good player will outperform a bad player even if the bad player has a "better" weapon.

OB1Biker1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

That looks amazing and exciting. And some people though WW1 setting would be boring

OrangePowerz1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

I'm amazed by how much you know from looking at a single picture :D

It could be great yes, but getting a boner from a generic first person shooter box cover is ridiculous :)

Tobsesan1108d ago

Finally some good news.

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