Castle Crashers broken; Crashing XBL

Destructoid writes:

"I'd love to be able to report that things are going swimmingly for Castle Crashers, but unfortunately I've had issues with the thing all day. So far I've managed one round of online co-op, and even then, it wasn't long before my character froze and I had to pull out. Since then, games won't connect, and even worse, my Xbox 360 has been (ironically) crashing when attempting to load an Xbox Live game."

"UPDATE:The Behemoth is aware of the issue and claim to be fixing it, in their own cute way"

Money well spent Gents.

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Immortal Kaim3702d ago

I have had 3 online sessions. 2 went smoothly and the other slowed to a crawl and kicked me out. Either way, this game is bloody fantastic and heaps of fun.

ActionBastard3702d ago

I played the demo local with a buddy and all was well. While it is fun, it is VERY repetitive. That's to be expected but the leveling up didn't really seem to add anything useful and just brought more attention to it.

Immortal Kaim3702d ago

I had the same misgivings but with 3 other friends over live, it's really fun. The level ups actually give you new combos as well as skill points to add to strength, magic ect.

Love the style as well

ActionBastard3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Can't deny I had a lot of fun with it. Over live with 3 friends would be stellar. Here's to hoping they fix whatever problem soon.

The game's art direction is fantastic too. Dan Paladin has a killer style.

Snukadaman_3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

I think the reporters xbox is about to die. The game is funny and well worth the money to get. I like the little touches like one of the guys giving cpr to a dead soldier.

Nevers3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

with one buddy and it was fine... hoping they get the fix before I ever encounter a problem cuz we had an absolute blast ... hella fun game.

Anybody else unlock the Alien cuz they had bought Alien Homonid HD?

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Dyingduck3702d ago

"Since then, games won't connect, and even worse, my Xbox 360 has been (ironically) crashing when attempting to load an Xbox Live game."

WTS Free, dedicated PSN server...

Oh typo, WTG (g=give)

Immortal Kaim3702d ago

Please change your name to DeadDuck, why are you here?

Obama3702d ago

I prefer the name dyingdyack, more fitting.

Anyways, the crybaby picture made my day.

Dyingduck3702d ago

If you change your dying console to DeadBox360, I'll do the same for you - go PAY your bill LEMMINGS!

Bon Scott3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

.............................. .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . ...............of of course in a 360 thread.
Sony homos LOL.
Castle Crashers is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

Well it's kinda hard to blame droids,
because if my console didn't deliver everything promised from launch LOLOLOLOL,and if my online network SUCKED(like PS3s) and I was clearly jealous of the competitors(MS),
I might be upset about owning a pisstation 3.
Thank God I won't, and at this point,never will.
Drink that load of kool aid Sony tools and your obvious agenda here on N4Sonynaziscum.
Too funny.

zapass3702d ago

that picture is cute:

an xbot reading n4g while waiting for his 5th refurb


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heyheyhey3702d ago


so much for the superior Xbox Live infrastructure and all that BS

Fox013702d ago

That game was an EPIC fail, but we all knew it was just that game and not the whole PSN

Stop posting on 360 related topics.
Get a life.
And a job while you're at it.

ThatCanadianGuy3702d ago

lol Fox

What a f*cking hypocrite you are man you've posted negative PS3 comments in 4 threads i've read today.Why dont you practice what you preach eh?

dkgshiz3702d ago

Say if Ratchet and clank did this, bots would be rubbing it in our faces. Mite as well have a good laugh. I guess now we know why its called castle crashers.

Immortal Kaim3702d ago

So now you guys have to stoop to the fanboys level? Why aren't there any mature gamers on N4G, why would you want a fantastic game to fail. Please explain? Don't just say "cause Xbots do it", we aren't 5, are we?

heyheyhey3702d ago

take your rational thinking to the gamer zone buddy.... don't you people realise that your attempts to eliminate fanboyism are completely futile?

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