Ubisoft's The Division Player-Base Shrinks by 81% Since Launch

So much for its claim of being a Destiny-killer

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DivoJones1526d ago

Definitely can relate.. a few months deep into Destiny I was still doing daily bounties and strikes. With Division I stopped after a month and loaned it to a friend.

Stogz1526d ago

Dude it's so weird but it's the same for me. I really wanted this to be my go to game as I was finally getting tired of destiny, but after 3 weeks I was completely bored and have stopped playing.

naruga1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Ubisoft when willl you learn that making a game needs artistic talent.....smthing that you never had with none of your multiple studios no matter the years you developing games .... having a bunch of tech guys handling (or even creating) a game engine doesnt make you automatically game developer

Vegamyster1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

I've taken a break from it mainly because 1.2 hasn't come out, no reason to grind when drops are going to become much more rewarding according to the patch notes + PVP/PVE changes.

InTheZoneAC1525d ago

what is your dark zone rank? They're probably going to have higher level caps with weapons that go along with those higher weapons and of course you need dark zone funds.

Vegamyster1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

I think i'm only 45 or something, i've put most of my hours into PVE pre 1.1.

MRMagoo1231526d ago

I said during the betas it wouldn't last and people disagreed me to death.

-Foxtrot1525d ago

Snap man



"Negative Nancy"

Blah Blah Blah

And we were right

Vegamyster1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )


Well when you keep going to Division articles just to say how terrible it was before it came out it's not a surprise that people won't take kindly to that lol, it's not like people haven't had fun or sunk tons of hours in the game. Diablo 3 for example was horrible when it launched and the player count was not the greatest given how many people bought the game, it wasn't until after the expansion and tons of patches that it became a great game with a consistent player base.

1525d ago
SonyWarrior1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

i canceled my preorder after the beta because i seen just how unfun it was that quick i noticed it was just going to be a grind fest in the darkzone with people ganking...... and the darkzone was the only interesting thing of the game, i was excited for the devision before because i thought the whole game was darkzone not just a small section which was also lame

-Foxtrot1525d ago

Oh Gee Whiz Lolly Pop Men of the Salt Caverns...I can't imagine why this has happened.

I mean it's not like anyone was trying to say on here that this was going to happen a month or so after release and say how much people wouldn't give a crap about it only to get disagreed to death.

No sir.

700p1525d ago

Yeah it's unfortunate to say the least. Enjoyed the game but it's lack of endgame content ruined it for me. Multiplayer only type games honestly need to step it up and have more content than they are releasing. That is why lately multiplayer only games die pretty fast. Evolve,battlefront,titanfall and now this.

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Relientk771526d ago

I stopped playing when Ratchet & Clank came out and then Uncharted 4 is on Tuesday. Other games I'd rather play.

harv0521525d ago

Exactly! Been playing UC4 Since wednesday, got it's by far one of the best game I've EVER played! No intentions of going back to the Division until they fix the damn least on PC...

Kalebninja1526d ago

I played it for a bit over 20 hours which i thought was a fine amount of time, it's not like it's FFXIV there's nothing to do but get loot after the campaign ends

objdadon1526d ago

I'm definitely playing less and less now. Hell the last few days I've basically logged on and immediately logged off. Although I've had my issues with destiny too, i put over 1400 hours in it before i stopped playing.

holdmyown831526d ago

Haha me too I logged in and was in the dark zone and remembers I had to run all the way to the exit door I logged right back off. I did this twice.

Gwiz1526d ago

I told you man,you fell for Ubisoft's promise.I have seen this happen many times with their games.

rezzah1526d ago

That is why I didn't buy this game.

Lonnie181526d ago

Yeah I started getting disinterested when team of overpowered players started making sweeps throughout the DZ was like they owned the place and I couldn't enjoy myself!

kneon1526d ago

The rogue system was a dumb idea made all the worse because there is absolutely no balance in how the dz is implemented.

zerocarnage1526d ago

Try and put the division down all you want but this happened to Destiny to. Fact is when the content comes in to these games the player base will be back up, guaranteed.

Yes it's sad that it's dropped I to have stopped, it from the changes they're bringing in, its sounding like I'll be making a return plus I got season pass so I have to experience it all at some point..

The player base will always drop on these games that bring easy to get to max level then gear grind to the point nothing left to do but mess about, but when dlc arrives the player base returns. When Destiny fans and other games dlc get dry and division bring 1.2 in they will all jump on to test the new phase out and see how better it is. I reckon they're going in the rite direction.

dp2774071526d ago

I have the season pass also but this game bores me immensely and I cant see a new area and "new' weapons bringing ppl back, even season pass holders like mylsef it'll only hold my attention for a cpl days every time a new expansion drops and I really wanna be wrong.

divinealpha1526d ago

Na your wrong about destiny even with not having massive content in the beginning the player base never dropped significantly like that , as a matter of fact its been one of the top most viewed games on twitch still

ghostzero1524d ago

I agree it took a lot longer with destiny that's a fact and even when numbers did drop it wasn't as bad as division and was way after its first year not during it and this shortly after launching which it had a lot to do with activision being publisher, fact that people loved bungie and put a lot of faith in them, and that destiny had nowhere the problems division has bugs wise too unlike the division destiny was actually solid game wise which helped it retain its base a lot longer. Now it's issues had more to do with lack of content and a story period nowhere the amount of issues divisions has.

hardcorehenry1526d ago

You've got lots of disagrees but I agree I don't have the seasons pass yet but this game is just waiting for a little more content. 81% doesn't even sound that bad. Most gamers don't have the patience to play anything for more than a week.

ninsigma1526d ago

81% doesn't sound bad?? What?? A game that thrives on having a large community has lost more than 3 quarters of its player base and you don't think that's bad??

ExtoVert1525d ago

Well lets do the math. Lets say there is a 1 million (random mumber) player install bass, multiply that by 81% you get 810,000 players that droped out. Leaving only 190,000 active players still playing, thats a significant difference.
Now i understand the number of players is greater but its to show that a 81% drop is concerning.

hardcorehenry1525d ago

190000 active players seems like a shitton to me. what games have significantly more players than that?

NarooN1525d ago

An 81% drop is massive. That means there's something inherently wrong with the game. In Division's case, it's that too many fell into the hype trap and realize the game is shallow and boring not long after they get it. That's terrible.

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objdadon1526d ago

Nah bruh, the player base in destiny never dropped this dramatically. Even though i enjoyed the division and will still go back from time to time, i called this in the beta. The pvp is mainly 4v1 all of the time. Not gonna keep people playing like that. While every game has bugs and glitches ive never witnessed the types of truly game breaking glitches this game has. It had potential but i think it's too late.

Oschino19071525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

I don't think anyone read the article just the headline...

From the article:
"It has to be pointed out that the numbers have been taken from Steam, and it’s possible that the player-base playing the game directly through Uplay is omitted from this comparison. "

They are only talking about STEAM, since when is Steam the place to gauge a AAA games popularity? Every BF game since BFBC2 has had a much larger and more consistent console crowd as an example (Battlefront also).

I agree it's dropping, I haven't been playing as much either because I don't dedicate myself to one game at a time and usually wait for new release, updates, events or dlc to bounce around between them.

@ExtoVert, your logic is flawed. Even by your example it would imply out of a peak daily population (not install base) of 1,000,000 you still have at least a peak of 190,000. In no way does it mean 810,000 no longer play at all, more likely just less often or for shorter durations.

Total daily/weekly account logins would be a better indicater for your example but we don't have those numbers.

andibandit1525d ago

Even if the numbers are just from Steam, it would be fair to assume that number on uplay have experienced similar flux. I dont see why users of Steam and UPlay should be that different.

Dirmagnos1525d ago

As @andibandit mentioned, the fact that those are only Steam numbers doesnt mean that drop is not across all platforms and launchers. Its just a part of general trend.
Since those who use Uplay(that no1 likes but Ubisoft) experience same issues as those using Steam(and considering that Steam is far more popular platform that dreaded Uplay, not to mention its being multi-gaming platform, that will result in occasion "ohh well, since i have Steam running, why not to play some Division"), there is no reason to expect any better results. And while consoles are a bit lighter on cheating, console players are also less accostumed to exploiters and cheaters, that will result in similar results. In any case, even tho it shows numbers related only to a portion of players base, it is most likely same trend everywhere.
Also there is no flaws in that logic behind those numbers. Even if every day those 190000 players are all different from previous days it still means that numbers took huge dip, since those who played yday for some reason decided not to play today. Number of accounts mean squat, only the fact that player plays(or not) on regular basis. Rest just decided that they have better uses for their time, eg game is no (longer) engaging to them, even if its for just an hour every day. And considering pricetag on the game it speaks volumes of it quality.

Bnet3431525d ago

Destiny is still consistently one of the top games on Twitch so it's not dead at all.

ghostzero1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Destiny and probally no other game I have ever played has had this many issues and been this broken this early on nevermind rest of the issues with game. There's a lot here to fix that new content alone won't change so I disagree with you on that look at first update with incursion and changes that only brought game down it didn't increase numbers so new content alone won't fix the game and it will take some really good new content to bring a lot of people back 81% down this early after launch is not good sign so I disagree as with both destiny and Diablo 3 it took a lot longer then this and plus at latest with Diablo it took going multiplatform which in Divison case it already is so that can't help them and with destiny it took a huge and expensive expansion which I don't see divisions getting anytime soon because game needs a lot of fixing. Plus activision/blizzard have a lot more money and resources at their disposal then Ubisoft there's no comparison I don't think Ubisoft can pull of what activision can and with a game that both is broken and needs to be fixed along with needing more content and changes on top of it that's a lot on one plate to accomplish nevermind cost to. Hey I loved this game at launch so would love Ubisoft to prove me wrong but given what I have seen from tMassive studios behind who are game and what I heard about some of these issues just can't be fixed without completely taking game offline and reworking game I have little faith it will happen.

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