HonestGamers Review // Kathy Rain (PC)

Gary Hartley Writes: Kathy Rain is a throwback in more ways than one. For a start, it’s set in the year 1995, with all of that period's now-weird retro quirks intact. I suppose it’s quite a clever way to make players look stupid when they roll their eyes at a perplexing clue and yell “just Google it!” at the screen. And the title reminds you of its era in other ways, like when it has you hack computers with floppy disks and calls those bulbous CRT monitors you still hide in your loft "cutting edge." But, more than that, it’s a proper old-school adventure game in the same vein as classic fare such as Full Throttle and Gabriel Knight. It consists of pixel graphics and inventory puzzles and people who don't get annoyed after being asked the same question or shown the same item dozens of times as you seek out increasingly obscure solutions to problems you just can’t solve.

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