Does Modern Warfare Remastered deserve our nostalgia?

Joe from GamersFTW writes: The latest game to get the remastering treatment is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the title that kickstarted Call of Duty’s popularity with the masses. A digital download is to be included with the latest installment of the CoD franchise, Infinite Warfare, and is not to be sold separately. It seems that news of MW remastered game has gathered more attention than the next installment of the franchise, since the next installment just looks like…well, to be frank, another CoD game.

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gepugg1110d ago

Modern Warfare 2 is my favourite but no doubt this deserves it.

snellings1110d ago

You know, I'm not necessarily nostalgic for MW, but I am excited for it. To me, nostalgia doesn't just come from a game or song or whatever, it comes from how I associate that thing with a specific time in my life. As such, I have more nostalgia for Rainbow Six Vegas than MW - spent hours playing terrorist hunts with my suite mates in college, and I can't think about that time in mylife without that game springing to my mind. But, MW was my favorite Call of Duty, and the only reason I am considering the upcoming title. like the writer of this article, I think CoD has become kind of a parody of itself, so it will be nice to dial it back and play the first game that launched an empire.

1noobgamer1110d ago

I'm looking forward to the remastered more then the new COD...

ScarsOfViolence1110d ago

I'm all for a remake for the love of the original but this feels like a way of selling an aging series with new blood by going back and clinically refining what we loved about the series to start with. I will buy modern warfare remake on its own but I refuse to be bullied by Activision to buy infinite Warfare *just* to get Modern Warfare remake, I still have it on PS£ and am very happy with it staying that way.

PsylentKiller1110d ago

After seeing the Battlefield 1 reveal, "CoD, who?

Dark_Knightmare21110d ago

Lol man some people take this battlefield and cod rivalry way too serious

PsylentKiller1110d ago

I just thought the reveal trailer was amazing. I buy both Battlefield and CoD with season passes every year. I am more of a fan CoD and play it way more but this trailer made me boot up BF immediately and made me want to get better at it. I did not have the same reaction to the infinite warfare reveal. Maybe it's the WWI setting or that I'm getting a bit burnt out by futuristic shooters. Feeling a bit tired of Shooters in general, lately.
Either way, I was just attempting and failing at a joke.

Ricegum1110d ago

After seeing the Battlefield 1 reveal, I'm still not a fan of Battlefield.

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