Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare negativity doesn't worry Eric Hirshberg

"Activision Publishing boss says Black Ops II went through the same bad reaction at its reveal."

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Ruggadagod1115d ago

He's right. It will sell at least 9 million.

pompombrum1114d ago

For most games that would be solid figure but for COD that would be petty damn bad, pretty sure Blops 3 sold like 22m copies.

TheUndertaker851114d ago

It is in that ballpark right now.

Infinite Warfare will move 15 million at a minimum. Many other CoD titles have had no problem moving 20 million plus.

DillyDilly1114d ago

How much Call Of Duty makes compared with Battlefield will as usual make Dice cry

PFFT1114d ago

Which is why they make little to no effort while developing the game. Cause they know fools i mean people are gonna buy it. All they do is copy and past from their previous titles update their engine a tad bit package and sell. Hell they could even package a giant turd and name it Call Of Duty:Beyond Infinity and people will still buy it. Its sad quite frankly that people are less vocal about this type of bullshit. To conform with the crap title they are buying. Very sad indeed.

Stereotypical_gamer1114d ago

Right, they make the most money by far and still dont have dedicated servers. More proof that consumers are uninformed morons. Bend over you morons, cod is coming.

pompombrum1114d ago

Key difference though is that fans had confidence in Treyarch after the original Black Ops.

KyRo1114d ago

Because Treyarch are the only COD devastated still making good COD games?

WeAreLegion1113d ago

They've never made a good COD.

theshredded1114d ago

TBH nothing's changed, Dice reveals a graphically impressive trailer with 2 seconds of gameplay while COD shows impressive campaign footage but at least with COD the trailer has scenes form the actual game. Remember Star Wars? I hope people can lower their expectations for both games. COD will still sell better and offer more of your money's worth like usual but that's almost certain since it's the only way to get COD4. Though I'm glad both are taking huge risks with their settings this year.

exkalibur971114d ago

yeah after battleflop and battlefail 4 im done with dice, that cgi trailer looked cool though

1114d ago
Free_Fro1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

I wouldn't be worried too when I know it's gonna sell like a mofo ^_^

Fact of the matter is, there a millions more who enjoy the series than the haters
They far outnumber the vocal minority..

Imagine if those millions came online to voice their opinions like we the minority do... lol
you'd be lost in the sea of comments..

n4rc1114d ago

What makes you think they are a majority?

Cod selling 20m to a user base of what? A couple hundred million?

It can still be hated by the majority but that minority buys it faithfully

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The story is too old to be commented.