GameStop CEO: Sony to be the "dominant player" in VR Race Thanks to "IP advantage"

GameStop's CEO comments on the VR race, predicting that Sony will be the 'dominant player' thanks to its proposed 'IP advantage'.

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stuna11112d ago

This goes without saying, but I think the price is still the key ingredient because even with additional components to the PSVR setup it'll still end up costing less by a fair margin, leaving room for adoptees to purchase games, games, games!!!

Goldby1112d ago

not only that, but both other VR Rigs have been littered with bad press about their launch, sony has been as upfront as they can about their plans for it. the Playstation VR Tour is kicking off, plus major Gamestops are going to have a playstation rep and headset for customers to buy before it's even released

DavidD1111d ago

I wish it was October already. I am drooling at the prospect of Eve Valkyrie! Who doesn't want to fly around in space blowing shit up......

DigitalRaptor1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Yep, Sony is going to have the strongest software lineup for sure.

They already have the price advantage, and an install base to envy.