Dr. Neo Cortex Voice Actor May Have Teased Crash Bandicoot's Revival On PS4

"Rumors have been running rampant over the last couple of months that Crash Bandicoot will be returning to the PS4."

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Overload2944d ago

Yep. This is the best evidence so far. E3 2016!!!!

naruga2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

hopeful news ..although he was portraying Neo cortex in Activision-era of Crash (aka when the series was below garbage)...i hope this doesnt mean anything for Crash's ownership and the game is in Sony s hands

Nitrowolf22944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

I would say this is for his role in Marvel heroes since he played at dr. Doom and that released back in 2011 so unless he didn't record any voice over since then it could also be related to that

SniperControl2944d ago

Ahh man, along side Uncharted, Crash is one of my all time fave IP's, E3 megaton incoming.

DarXyde2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

But it begs the question:

What studio is handling this? I think that Crash is, at this point, far behind Naughty Dog's interests.

DarkOcelet2944d ago

Naughty Dog's second team?

DarXyde2944d ago

I don't think so. Personally, I think it'd be surprising since, as I said, Crash just seems behind the studio's interests.

Doesn't matter which team, I just don't see them working on it.

KwietStorm_BLM2944d ago

I agree, and really it wouldn't even have to be Naughty Dog developing it. Naughty Dog was an entirely different studio back when Crash was new, and their whole design approach today, I don't want to say it would be wasted, but any talented group of developers under Sony's wing can put together what Crash Bandicoot is about.

sonic9892944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

considering that crash games has a very strong sales track record with sony and it could potentially be sony's way of generating mario like numbers or near mario like, they must not take it lightly they must do it RIGHT without missteps .
personally i love platformers more than shooters or cinematic games so i know for how that market responds .
Sony must do it CORRECTLY .
now ND working on it with another studio why not we dont know how big are these studios so everything is possible .
sony should treat crash as a BIG IP that could get them big returns if done correctly, beside that Crash is unique so it will be interesting seeing how they will work around that.

DarXyde2944d ago


I myself am an avid fan of platformers. I prefer them to shooters as well. Be that as it may, Naughty Dog has moved on to more cinematic experiences where their focus has notably shifted away from...simpler games, I suppose. I love Crash Bandicoot and I agree that it needs to be done right. My childhood hangs in the balance--it does for many of us.

Naughty Dog, in my opinion, did everything in their power to dissociate from Crash. It'd be insulting to them to have them do it again. If I had to liken it to something, it's like working at a factory, being promoted to supervisor, then being asked by someone who's above you somewhere to go back on the line for a few weeks. You worked hard to NOT do that anymore, y'know? In the modern era, Crash has the potential to do well. As well? Remains to be seen. But we do know that everyone wants a sequel to The Last of Us and eager await whatever else they have up their sleeves. They have two teams. I imagine one of them is working on a project we might see at E3 while the other is working on DLC and other updates for Uncharted 4. I'd say they're plenty busy.

My guess? They'll let Insomniac work on it.

sonic9892944d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

@ DarXyde
when i said naughty dog and other studio i didnt mean naughty dog the main teams, here i will try to explain .
they need to assemble a team to work on crash games pretty much like sonic team and nintendo EAD 1 if i remember correctly, those people should be chosen from other studios or hired .
or they might for nostalgic reasons not use that technique ( ex team crash ) they could hire some people to work at naughty dog but their main job is to make crash games and not bother with other projects literally everything is possible .
the other naughty dog games wont get affected at all as those people were hired to work at the studio for the name sake in the end sony owns naughty dog the studio and the name so they need to think business .
in terms of potential Crash has a lot of it but they need to make it big and make it matter, ratchet do not compare to crash even though i love ratchet games ratchet is more like ( kirby or star fox ( the good games ) but crash is the original thing crash has that mario type of influence i dont live in the US but crash here is extremely well known and liked here at the same level as mario .
its great that you like platformers you know for me at least the only reason i am buying U4 is to play the crash mini game i am not a fan of all the cinematic games but i respect the opinions of other people .
for me crash is like the last of us for someone else .
sony knows how to diversify their line up .
thanks man i hope you enjoy your U4 .
and persona 5 ( looking forward to that game myself )

DarXyde2943d ago


So you mean to say in a manner not entirely unlike Guerilla Games with Horizon? Yes, they do have main teams working on it, but they're getting a lot of help from people who worked on The Witcher III. Sort of like an outsourced venture? I can see that. Certainly not unrealistic.

And one man's treasure, mate. I hear you on Crash being The Last of Us to you. I still remember the fond memories of last playing the PS2 game as Coco in the scooter trying to outrun the tsunami. Fun times with my extended family and friends back in the day.

Glad to know someone else is looking forward to Persona 5! For me, Persona has always been a series I deeply appreciated for story and gameplay. The Last of Us is actually #3 on my list of best games with great stories (#2 being Persona 4 and #1 being Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater). Years from now, well into my retiree days (if people still get the luxury of retirement), I think I'll be recalling those experiences. If that is what Crash does for you, I say that's wonderful.

Keep the faith. We're at a point now where I do believe we will see Crash again and handled carefully in very capable hands. :0)

sonic9892943d ago

@ DarXyde
yes thats exactly what i meant, that way they wont have change the studio's whole direction to something they dont know much about, but at the same time use their name which is associated to the franchise .
the first persona game i played was persona 3 portable on the PSP i fell in love with the franchise then i played P4 golden on the vita also loved it then i played cathrinie which had nothing to do with persona but still loved it .
the guys at atlus are surely talented especially considering their insane story twists i just LOVE persona and most of atlus games
unfortunately i didnt play the last of us but from what i heard i understand why people are going insane over it, it was a masterpiece for its genre by all means .
if i have to make a top 5 it would look like this .
1- Sonic 3 and knuckles
2- Crash 3 wrapped
3- crash team racing
4- ICO
5- shadow of the colossus
honorable mentions : MGS 3 snake eater at the same level as MGS 1
then persona 3 and 4
afterwards some platforming games like ratchet and clank .
if everyone started doing his list he would go on and on haahaa .
nice talking to you take care .

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BigBosss2944d ago

Doesn't he say UKA UKA haha :P

DarkOcelet2944d ago

I always heard it as Hurduga or Hurbuga.

BigBosss2944d ago

He does say his name which is UKA UKA and there are others including AKU AKU

-Foxtrot2944d ago

Clancy Brown would have been nice but this guy did Cortex in Twinsanity and that's when Cortex had some humour to him

naruga2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

agreed ...why not Clancy brown? ...his acting was better and especially in CTR was memorable ..also for Lexlang this may be an audition and not a sure contract

Fin_The_Human2944d ago

Thought the ND easter egg pretty much confirms crash at E3 or at the Sony event.

Have a feeling that Crash will be announced at E3 with MS revealing a new Banjo.

Retroman2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Are we surprised??? not at all........................... thank you Insomniac for this opportunity for a Crash or Jax and Daxter come back.

success of reboot R&C

LonDonE2943d ago

All I can say is fans of crash need to play uncharted 4, naughty dog put so many awesome Easter eggs in it, I won't spoil it but trust me early on there is a epic Easter egg!

Have had the game 2days now and I swear it's incredible!!

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Relientk772944d ago

Omg the hype is real Sonys press conference at E3. I cannot wait!

DragonDDark2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )


Kalebninja2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

"Neo Cortex is the only doctor that he has voiced in the past in a video game."

Way to do research, take a look at his IMDB page, he voiced Dr. Doom a couple of years ago. A tip, don't rely on just a wiki page.

DragonDDark2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

That's true but why didn't he say doom?

Edit: This was posted on May 5th.. At this point we know he's playing as the doc so, no. He's not under the NDA for his role in doom.