Nintendo NX May Use Old-School Cartridges - And That's Great

The Japanese gaming giant are reportedly thinking of doing away with optical media, and instead using the cartridges seen in earlier consoles such as the SNES and Nintendo 64.

This could actually be a good thing for Nintendo. And gamers. Here’s why.

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AmUnRa1523d ago

No it isnt, its a big step back, a very big step is 2016 Nintendo....

BrandanT1523d ago

Well, "old school" cartridges yes, but the modern day ones are great.
Think about it, what's the point of buying a physical game if you have to install the game into the hardrive? There's no problem like that with cartridges; their read speed is really fast.

The 10th Rider1522d ago

Yes, it'd also remove the need for much internal storage. The read speed on a cartridge would likely be even faster than the read speed of the hdd's of other consoles, creating faster load times in games. If they opted for even a small internal ssd for system memory, say something around 100gb, the boot time of the console would be crazy fast too.

Other consoles are unlikely to ditch hdd's as long as they use blue rays and therefore require installation.

NatureOfLogic_1522d ago

I wouldn't mind. I'm planning to get NX for the new Zelda.

1523d ago
Dirkster_Dude1522d ago

I think cartridges would most likely be too expensive and what about updating? Yes, a lot of games seem broken when they released, but before the updating is over they are usually a better more reliable game. So how what updates work?

SirCharles1522d ago

And what about storage capacity? Games these days are hitting 50+ gigs.

SegaGamer1522d ago

Storage won't be a problem, just look at SD cards. I agree about the original point with game updates though, i'm not sure how that would work with cartridges.

MWH1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

not sure if this will work out for Nintendo, I'm guessing they know better, but if true it certainly feels nostalgic and my hear is welcoming it because of that.

i'm hearing the sound of plastic shuffling.

DillyDilly1522d ago

Give me digital release as an option or Cartridges along with Standard Controller will be why I dont buy the system if the options are not included

3-4-51522d ago

* I'd love a return to cartridges. The art on them is awesome + they load faster anyways. Would also make owning the physical copy more appealing as well.