Misrated: 10 Games the ESRB Got Wrong

Dan Tennant writes:

"Rampant road rage, greasy street hookers, and the kind of uncensored tongue-wagging that makes your grandpa reach for his cane earned Grand Theft Auto IV an M-for-mature rating earlier this year, and deservedly so. The rating is reserved for those games geared towards adults, and GTA IV's sexy, bloody romp through a faux New York was anything but child's play."

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IAm1Bearcat3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

since this story isn't 100% approved yet, but anyways, i dont agree with The Bourne Conspiracy getting a M rating from this article. yes, it's rated Teen, you know why? Because the movies are rated PG13. if the movies were R, then the game would've been M. but because it is as it is, we get Teen. if it was an M rated game with PG13 movies, people wouldve complained. not to mention, sold less copies.

i know, Conspiracy isnt one of the movies, but hell if they aren't pretty much the same of each other.

Rick Astley3756d ago

Why was Halo 3 (or any Halo game) rated M? Halo looks like Power Rangers the game so it should be rated E.

badz1493756d ago

lol at the power rangers!! XD

Tacki3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

I've always thought Halo (series) should be rated T. As for Dead or Alive 4... I think it got slapped with an 'M' do to its cinematics. While I think it could skate by with a Teen rating... it does have something Tekken and Soul Calibur don't. That would be a completely bare ass. Yes, it might be a little silly, but I believe that's what pushed the ESRB to rate it how they did. I believe the character is Christy who you're shown a brief clip of in the shower. There may also be another instance of a bare bum being flashed at you in the game but I can't remember if it's that one or DOAX Volleyball.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl (and Melee) I really believe should have gotten an E. I understand there's alot of violence... but it's so over-the-top and 'cartoony' that I just don't see why it warrants a T.

But I don't really have so much of a problem with the ratings they give out as I do with some of the content they list on the box for certain games. Take Metal Gear Solid 4 for example. On the back it says 'strong language' when there's relatively little language at all. Uncharted has far more and yet it manages a T and only states 'language' on the back. Of course MGS4 probably has other things that push it into the 'M' category... but I just think the 'strong language' is a bit off. My guess for this one is that the F-word is used (twice I think, but definitely once). Still I think the ESRB is a little more touchy with some content.

Alpha_Gamer3756d ago

Yeah, most of those are teen suited. The only time I payed attention this year, was when fox news slandered mass effect. That got my blood boiling. Most of us here took part in bringing that woman`s book from rank 100-somethig to 100-thousand something on amazon!

IzKyD13313756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

Uncharted should definitely be on this list, I mean, when you kill someone, blood spurts out, and not to mention the language......easily one of the most inaccurate esrb ratings ever

MACHone3756d ago

You wouldn't believe how many parents think Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the devil and won't let their twelve-year-olds near it because of the Teen rating. Some of you might say it has enough violence to support the "T," but here's my counterpoint: look at effin' Madden! An Everyone rating? Football has numerous times been called "one of the most violent sports in America," and that alone, along with brutally tackling people until they sustain in-game injuries, isn't enough to net it even an "E10+?" It just seems very backwards to me.

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