NBA 2K17 News Update Report

As the release of NBA 2K17 is officially announced, Josh from NoobFeed take a look at some of the important and exciting news released by 2K Sports.

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Grayshadow1113d ago

Just the game is good enough for me. Collector's Editions have gone down in quality.

XanderZane1112d ago

Not worth the $60 with all the problems these games cause. So many bugs in the game and the game has gone downhill since NBA 2K12. I'm not paying $60 for it. I got NBA 2K15 for FREE from my nephew. NBA 2K14 was terrible. I haven't even finished a full season on it, it was so bad. 2K15 was a lot better. NBA 2K16 is a joke. I paid full price for it. The story Spike did is fine, but the game play in this game feels off. When you miss a shot at least 70% of missed shots are short. The timing has been completely change. Your release always feels late and it's not smooth like in NBA 2K15. Defense is horrible. Your CPU control teammates do mostly nothing. They sit and watch the other team drive to the basket and score. When you try the same thing against the CPU's team, 3-4 players swarm you immediately. My guys don't do any of that. They are slow to react all the time. Giving the CPU's team easy inside the paint baskets. It's been like this since NBA 2K13. Developers refuse to fix the problem. All these games have bugs in them that causing your save files to be corrupted if you don't have Auto Update turned on for your game console. If it's not on, your NBA 2K game won't get updated, your save files will be corrupted and you won't be able to access the 2K Servers. Turn on your Auto Update in settings, then go to the Credits screen in Options/Features. Let the Credits run for 20-25 mins and your game will be updated and your files will be recovered from 2K's server. Took me almost 3 weeks to figure this crap out and get my GM and MyCareer files recovered. 2K Sports customer service isn't the greatest. At least they didn e-mail to get more information, but I ended up fixing the issue.