The Most Likely Red Dead Redemption Sequel Storylines

The rumours are coming in thick and fast of late, of a return to the world of cowboys, shoot-outs and bandits. Read Dead could soon be returning to the forefront of the gaming world having taken it by storm nearly six years ago. Question is, will it be a sequel or a prequel?

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FallenAngel19841522d ago

Red Dead Remdemption doesn't need a sequel or prequel. It was fine as a standalone story like its predecessor Red Dead Revolver before it.

There should however be another Red Dead title with its own story

poppinslops1521d ago

No way it'll be set later than Redemption... it wouldn't be a cowboy game if they did that.

I'm guessing they'll go for a post-civil war timeline - probably set around the time John was in his old gang (not that I expect anything more than a reference to him) - that way R* won't have to scale-back on the 'modern' tech and firearms... The story will depend on the characters - I figure they'll re-use GTAV's character-switching mechanic, and the heist system would work beautifully for bank robberies, stagecoach hold-ups, train heists etc - but I wouldn't hazard a guess as to the storyline.