7 Problems With the Xbox One

"The Xbox One is one of the most amazing pieces of video game hardware ever created. It does everything from playing amazing games to streaming media to tracking every step of your achievement addiction. But for all of that, it’s a device made by fallible humans that relies on numerous complex technological systems — which is to say it isn’t perfect. Networks go down, hardware fails, the center cannot hold, and things fall apart." By Chris Reed

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never4get1112d ago

1. It doesn't have Windows 10. There's more games on Windows.

magiciandude1111d ago

1. The dashboard is amazing
4. Never had this problem
5. My 6TB USB HDD says hi

So ONLY 4 problems with Xbox One, and ONLY 2 of them are actually major issues (2 and 7). I am not even affected by 7. This means the Xbox One is truly an amazing console since it does almost everything else right!

ninsigma1111d ago

The dashboard is still bad. I was hoping it would greatly improve over the first one but it just took the mess and rearranged it into another mess.

DeadManMMX1111d ago

Yeah I don't understand the dashboard critique. Is it that hard to read? It's all right there and flows. The dash feels alive and linked socially to the world. The only thing I miss is my monthly achievement leaderboard being pinned on community.

TeamLeaptrade1111d ago

I actually like the dashboard. Flows pretty well imo, and having pins helps make navigating even faster. I do agree that it is annoying when dealing with xbl problems and it disconnecting once in a while, but it isn't too bad.

Mandatory game installs is just the nature of blu-ray. PS4,PS3 have it, so each new console will probably have it as well. Never had a controller issue yet, though one of my friends did try to update his and it ended up bricking it. He never did bother to send it back for repair.

I have a 500GB HDD for my Xbox One, and I do agree that it's a bit small, so I might be upgrading to an external HDD. Since they're getting cheaper by the day, this might be the route I take to upgrade storage.

hardcorehenry1111d ago

1. It's too gangster
2. It causes too many women to have sex with you
3. It's got mad street cred
4. It inadvertently grows you r penis
5. It's too gangster
6. Halo 12
7. See reasons 1 through 6

GrubsterBeater1111d ago

Is that why it's all little kids on XBox? Because they think all these things will happen to them?

I'm mostly joking, but I feel like you fall into that "little kid" category...

hardcorehenry1111d ago

well isnt that interesting! too bad nobody gives a shit =P