Amazon Canada Has Shipped Out Copies of Uncharted 4 Early

"Well once again Amazon is in the Uncharted 4 headlines as Amazon Canada has shipped out copies of the game early to customers."

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WrestlingNewsFan898d ago

Looks like these have actually been shipped this time compared to the original Amazon shipment rumor last week.

Aloy-Boyfriend898d ago

Would you kindly just charge my credid card and ship my bundle Amazon?

ArchangelMike898d ago

GAME UK have shipped my copy today. But I think they've timed it to arrive on launch day. Here's hoping I get it early though :)

extermin8or898d ago

Game always time it to arrive launch I'm pissed off at Sony apparently places like simplygames aren't allowed stock till Monday ffs.

Bathyj898d ago

What's all that aboot ey?

DragonDDark898d ago

I'm sorry but you gotta wait. Sorry.

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