Forza Motorsport 6: APEX Looks Unbelievably Beautiful On The PC

The open beta phase of Forza Motorsport 6: APEX has just been begun, and below you can find some 4K screenshots from this new DX12-only racer. Turn 10 did an incredible work with the PC version of Forza Motorsport 6: APEX. This new racing game looks incredible on the PC, and performs amazingly well.

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FasterThanFTL11114d ago

Not only does it look unbelievable it runs unbelievably good as well. 4k/60fps and max settings on a single 980 Ti is an amazing achievement from Turn 10 Studios. Finally demonstrating the true power of DX12.

Errorist761114d ago

The game should run well doesn't even feature dynamic lighting or weather.

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Errorist761114d ago

Should I go on?! I just think it's pretty sad Forza still doesn't have this feature which most other competitors have been offering for ages.

ocelot071114d ago

Always thought DriveClub was the best looking racing game. But after playing this on PC. This is now the best graphical racing game around.

rightway1114d ago

Sony should do this and release games for PC also. MS did it and why not Sony. End this console war nonsense and let people play games anywhere they wish.

KING851114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

For certain games I can see that happening, but for the majority of their exclusives more than likely it will be a no. For one they're comfortably ahead in the 'console war' and they have no incentive to ship their games to other platforms. Secondly what would more than likely happen is games which they believe won't perform as well may hit PC, but more than likely if it's a Sony first party games the likelihood is slim. This is the same reason you don't see them rushing for cross network play. Why would they do it if they have a double digit lead on their competition? If they did that would mean people can simply purchase the Xbox version and play with the few consumers who purchase the PlayStation version. They're too many variables to consider. The reason why MS is doing this is because they have to make as much money as they can on games, so releasing it on PC makes the world of sense.

ocelot071114d ago

Not really hard to understand. Sony want people to buy systems. So release there games exclusively to there systems. I doubt that will ever change. As for Microsoft I have no idea why there releasing xbox exclusives onto the PC. Maybe the Nextbox will just be a branded PC who knows.

Fin_The_Human1114d ago

Sony does not give a flying fudge about PC gamers since they think that PC is synonymous with MS.

naruga1114d ago

PC games have ridiculous quality and polish ..Nintendo , PS exclusives will never go PC and that s a good thing ...

freshslicepizza1113d ago

"Sony does not give a flying fudge about PC gamers since they think that PC is synonymous with MS. "

then why did they help fund street fighter when its also on the pc?

kstuffs1113d ago

That's because MS is slammed for not caring about PC gaming but Sony rarely release AAA exclusives like UC to PC. But that's okay since PC is not a MS platform.

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tee_bag2421114d ago

It's pretty damn good. Honestly though. Project cars after the updates has the edge on PC in my opinion, and it can go beyond 60fps which is nice too. Not to say Forza 6 Apex looks shabby or anything.
Its great having Forza on PC

forager1114d ago

Just out of legitimate curiosity, what updates did PC get that improved the visuals? Has there been a recent one that i missed?

Errorist761114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )


pCARS on PC always has looked better than Forza 6. It didn't play better though.

Errorist761114d ago

If the game had dynamic weather and lighting I'd agree.

Zeref1114d ago

I have no problem with the next Xbox being basically a branded PC. As long as its insanely powerful and supports all my Xbox One games.

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Edvin19841114d ago

Yeah, the game looks amazing was playing it last night. Initially the settings were set to Dynamic than I figured out how to crank it up all the to the max. Really beautiful racing game its about time it came to PC hope the next Forza 7 makes it over in full as well.

rightway1114d ago

I think most games for xbox will end up on PC. MS is bringing out a new xbox so people can make a choice and not worry about their console being powerful enough to run games at 1080p 60 frames. I have a feeling the new xbox will have a steam App.

ShadowKnight1114d ago

Lol Steam is not going to the Xbox. You can keep dreaming.

Errorist761114d ago

I somehow got the same feeling after the whole Steam Machine thing pretty much flopped.

Volkama1114d ago

Turn 10 and Microsoft have already confirmed that future Forza games will launch on Xbox and PC. Expect that to start with Forza Horizon 3 this year, and Forza 7 next year.

esmittystud1011114d ago

Nice looking game. Still though, Driveclub has the best "rain running on the windshield" out there. Not even this game is better.

tee_bag2421114d ago

They're all pretty good to be honest. I'd give my vote to Project Cars on PC after the update.

Orionsangel1114d ago

The weather is pretty awesome.

Driveclub wins in the visual department, but in terms of how rain behaves and acts on a vehicle. Forza is better.

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