Ubisoft Planning Far Cry 3 Already

Far Cry is synonymous with lush forest settings, and if the rumours are true the third installment is due to stay that way.
Coming out of the Leipzig Games Convention, Ubisoft's Patrick Redding let loose that the teams plans are already in "preliminary stages". Redding went on to say that the entire team loved the African setting (And who wouldn't? All that combustible material and massive wild game animals) and think there is scope to stick with it for some time.

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chaosatom3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

When did it start it's development?

Why is there not that much hype? Isn't it coming on oct 1?

El_Colombiano3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

This game truly looks amazing, so I agree, bubbles.

Arsenic133730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I was a huge fan of Instincts Predator for 360. I cant wait till this game releases. Making maps was more addicting than any drugs. I believe Oct 21st buddy.