Interview with Buzz Dev

Nintendo may currently be making a big deal of courting non-core gamers with the Wii, but Sony has already secured a portion of the mass market through cheap pricing of the PlayStation 2 and continued support from software such as Buzz, and the similarly appealing SingStar and Eye Toy franchises.
Originally released in October 2005, Buzz: The Music Quiz has spawned general knowledge, sports and junior themed spin-offs, all of which have performed well in the UK charts. Comparing chart positions, the release of a new title actually boosts sales of previous Buzz games, and it's clearly one of 2006's success stories for both developer Relentless and Sony Europe.
With Buzz: The BIG Quiz 2 due in the new year, caught up with creative director David Amor and development director Andrew Eades of Relentless, to discuss the success of the series so far, why it and similar titles are pushing gaming into new markets, and where next for a series focused on keeping entertainment simple.

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