Activision Responds to Negativity on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: “Very Strong” Pre-Orders Start

During Activision’s financial conference call for the first quarter of the current calendar year, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg responded to a question directly asking him about the 369,313 (at the moment of this writing) dislikes on the reveal trailer of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

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Majin-vegeta1110d ago

Well no diddly squat when its the only way to get the MW:Remastered.Normally Im against GS opening games but I hope they step in and pull some MW:R codes out and sell them on their own then put IW on sale Or if they can manage to snag MW:R separately

MCTJim1110d ago

exactly, I'll get the remaster..hopefully it will be sold separately

SolidStoner1109d ago

So many good games to choose from at the time of release of that Space COD..

I will just wait for MW remaster.. if its not sold separately I will not buy it.. simple as that, would be nice if everyone does that!

Ricegum1109d ago


Why would it be nice if everyone else did that? People can buy whatever they want surely.

bradfh1109d ago

Activision knew that MW:Infinite Warfare will be low sales, that's why they included MW:Remastered.

ctmaudi1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Knowing Activision they are going to make you launch modern warfare through infinite warfare so you can't trade infinite after getting the code out.

Then 3 months later when infinite warfare dlc starts coming out and more people are playing modern warfare they will announce a season pass for modern warfare to get the maps they cut out.

Paytaa1109d ago

I would be so pissed if they did that. I really don't want Infinite Warfare in my game library that is seen in the achievement list. I don't even want to see the game's main menu.

It better be a paper voucher to redeem a code for CoD 4 and that's it.

Thatguy-3101110d ago

Lol I laughed when I logged onto black ops 3 and was greeted with the page saying to pre-order infinite warfare and get 1000 COD points with it haha haha. Curious to see how this game will do. One thing for sure is the majority of the players are going to be playing that Modern Warfare remastered instead.

akaFullMetal1109d ago

Gamers shouldn't let this happen, Activision will start doing this with every release. Buy it used or don't buy the dlc, we néed to show Activision this is a bad selling strategy.

Oschino19071109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

Activision doesn't need to make a remaster at all also... So yeah, I prefer the option and I am sure the millions of COD fans who would have bought Infinite Warfare anyway would agree.

Either way how about everyone quits the over dramatic outrage about something they barely know anything about until we get more information. Who knows maybe Infinite Warfare could be a great game also.

People are somehow under this idea they are entitled for Activision/IW to cater to them and be given to them when and how they want it. That's not how business works...

Seriously the way people talk negatively about them and claim they rarely if ever support their products since COD4. I find it shocking they expect to have Activision/IW kiss their asses.

akaFullMetal1109d ago

It's the principle, I shouldn't have to buy IW to get access to the remake. I'm thinking of the long run and how this can get out of hand. Once successful this will become the norm.
You are right though, we do need more info but again Activision could of just made it clear.
If we show disatisfaction for games being stuck behind another games it will show Activision to not do it. Better to be safe than sorry.

YourGreatUncle1109d ago

I pre-orderd it specifically for MW. As soon as I get hom IW is going up on Ebay for $45.

akaFullMetal1109d ago

Unless you need IW to launch MW.

Antifan1109d ago

Or IW and MW being on one disc like the Halo master chief collection.

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The story is too old to be commented.