Borderlands Preview at CheatCC

CheatCC says: "Even at the alpha stage, Borderlands looked incredibly polished and quite well put together. Furthermore, the emphasis on co-op play should be a real treat. We'll have more on Borderlands' when the review code is issued. Until then, keep your trigger finger loose and at the ready."

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Liar3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Borderlands: Alpha stage of development after 1 year from Gearbox, a respected developer with a solid reputation.

Borderlands = Awesome game!

Killzone 2: pre-Alpha for over 3 years from a crap developer. Who have yet to make a single good game after 8 years.

Killzone 2 = Complete garbage!

nice_cuppa3705d ago

noob !
Pc this year
360/ps3 next year !