Nintendo’s lack of E3 plans bodes well for the NX

<p>Zelda will be at E3, but the lack of other news points to a long-term NX plan</p>

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Hold_It1519d ago

It does. They can play by their rules with revealing the system by dedicating as much time as they want to it on the Treehouse videos, or Nintendo Direct rather than being limited to presentation time of E3.

NXSwitch1518d ago

Indeed your right. No need to give these greedy wipes any more because E3 is a joke. More & more 3rd parties are backing off because they see what E3 has become.

pcz1518d ago

i think its cowardly. it shows a lack of confidence that their product can shine among the competition.

e3 is THE time and place to make such announcements, as it has been for the last few decades. the fact that nintendo have ducked it the last few years, only really turning up to save face, shows just how far nintendo have slipped from glory. they arent even really playing a main part in the play any more, merely a prop in the background, a cameo.

and this year is their most pathetic show yet, with a paltry, pathetic one playable game on show. they think that just because its zelda, that will make it ok. i remember back in the glory days journalists would talk about nintendos stand being a place of wonder and discovery, going from game to game, experiencing all these new and exciting games. roll on 2016 and they have one playable game.

what on earth happened to nintendo?

marloc_x1518d ago

..and the other companies not seeing a return on E3 investment ?

EddieNX 1519d ago

I'll tell u one thing for sure, you can expect a mind blowing NX reveal on stage or direct, live to you! Hopefully we won't have to wait too long after e3.

I'm expecting to be blown away by both console and game line up.

NXSwitch1518d ago

I'll like to see it on their direct so I can direct my traffic to their streaming server. See what I did there?...what no? Oh well least I tried. Anyway I bet it will be amazing once they show it off.

Lonnie181518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

You guys playing defense for Nintendog again I see, damage control at it's best! Now they want to convenice everyone that it is in our best interest that Nintendo won't be at E3, and it's somehow on their terms. Well now that's what's got Nintendo in this mess in the first place, always have to be on their arrogant terms and they know best! Not sure why missing so much media coverage that will be present at E3 and Gamescom is such a good thing all of a sudden lol? Well know this Nintendo I will not tolerate the disrespect you have shown your fan and consumers no matter how many damage control articles try to say otherwise!

_-EDMIX-_1518d ago

"Not sure why missing so much media coverage that will be present at E3 and Gamescom is such a good thing all of a sudden lol? "

Agreed even if they would have a limited time at E3 they could merely the day before debut the platform and it all it's important features and then go to E3 to show off the lineup and other key components Sony nor Microsoft didn't used E3 to debut PlayStation 4 or Xbox one they used it to show games and other content coming to the platforms.

Regardless of how relevant people think E3 still is at the end of the day it's still one of the biggest events of the year I see Zero reason to miss it other than incompetence or not even having a damn product in the first place for all we know they announce the NX to release in March because they're not even near done finalizing their damn Hardware lol. It sounds like poor management terrible PR terrible Communications and absolutely a disastrous move for the higher-ups to reveal something that they're not even ready to Market when you heard about Playstation 4 reveal you saw it you saw its price you saw its games the same with Xbox One why are we now seeing Nintendo Go a different route? Yet this is the company out of the three that is now failing at all their major areas...shock.

PlayStation Network alone made more money than all of Nintendo combined and I think it's humorous that many people love trying to make it sound as if this company just has a bunch of smart plans and bright ideas in regards to business, is that why they're making less money?

If they're not ready to Market at E3 why on Earth would they even announced its existence? So what they've basically done was sent out their current console to its death and ignored possibly millions of dollars they could have gotten from its sales in the meantime that sounds like a company that doesn't know what it's talking about.

I hold no companies to some high regard or magical standard the reality is many companies make stupid foolish mistakes that later on can be reflected as obvious mistakes to say them not marketing a product at E3 is some Bright Idea makes absolutely no sense in this sounds like one of those things years later many people will to reflect how stupid it was in the first place.

I get many people have dumb arguments like E3 is not as relevant.... that's nice but it is still one of the biggest events in gaming, the reality is why would any company even skip it if they have a console to announce? That's almost like saying I won't sell my product at Target because it's not as big as Walmart so why not both? Can anybody really explain why somebody would choose a less exposure? Lol

Marketing a product is about showing it off everywhere....

An event being not as relevant doesn't mean that it has no purpose to Market a product because I'm 99% positive most of you guys can not name another event bigger than E3.

Realplaya1518d ago

They don't need E3 they can host their own event and have the same media turn out. They don't have to share a stage with other companies. This means that games on display will be ready and issue free. Giving yourself more time does nothing but gives you time to make sure everything is perfect.

_-EDMIX-_1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I still don't understand why idiots are trying to rationalize the choices that this company makes especially considering just how much they're failing in so many areas. That's like trying to rationalize why Nintendo used cartridges Over CD yet PlayStation 1 moved 100 million unit and begin the PlayStations domination over Nintendo to date this company has sold more consoles than Nintendo despite being out in less time than them.

I would say that's a prime example of this company making mistakes that are so clear and obvious it's not even funny how on Earth did they have the architecture of the Wii proprietary yet released the Wii U with proprietary Hardware lol really?

So when people say well they won't make the same mistake twice while this company's done that many many times even with how clear and obvious the mistakes were.

Sony with the PlayStation 1 published ips they did not own with Spyro and Crash Bandicoot, with the PlayStation 2 they did not make the same mistake but with the PlayStation 2 it lacked many online features that the Xbox had the PlayStation 3 did not make the same mistake.

With Microsoft their first platform did not get lots of support from the East with the 360 they make sure to chase after the father of Final Fantasy to get square to put Final Fantasy on 360 to get GTA on 360 they made bold moves to make sure they were on an even playing field and they delivered on full fronts. But with the 360 it had an inferior format with DVD as many notable developers talked about the limitations with Xbox one they did not make the same mistake all Xbox Ones have Blu-ray all Xbox Ones have a hard drive.

With PlayStation 3 it had a complex architecture that many developers complained about and it was a hassle to work with even games like the crew skipped PlayStation 3 in favor of releasing a 360 version because of the difficulties... PlayStation 4 switched architectures to x86 to be more pc-based in user-friendly like how Microsoft has been. I'm sorry but both companies on any example you could think of have been known the correct issues that plagued their platforms the previous-generation consider there is no faulty issues with the Xbox One like there was with the 360 with red ring of death.

Nintendo seems to be the only company that literally is capable of making the same mistake several times over. Exactly what is this company's excuse?

Ark_1517d ago

We do not have enough information to tell, if it's a good or bad decision. So neither attacking nor defending Nintendo makes sense on a rational level.

Realplaya1518d ago

I find it funny that you try to bash their valid points hate on keyboard hater.

_-EDMIX-_1518d ago

I see 0 valid point in skipping a huge marketing opportunity.

Like you stated they don't need III they can have their own marketing event but why on Earth would they skip E3? Are you telling me they're so incompetent they've not factored they can have both? Lol

Did you think Sony skipped E3 last year because they have their own marketing event? No they actually just did both.

Like I stated even Sony and Microsoft have their own events to reveal their platforms but still went to E3 to show off all their content because that's where the people are and that's where viewers are expecting big announcements and where people are you want to be there, this is marketing 101 you can't tell me you can't grasp the concept of being in a place where the industry's eyes are watching...

No matter how many times you question E3s legitimacy or relevancy or that Nintendo is having their own event none of that answers why they're skipping a marketing opportunity. simply put it there is not enough marketing you could do on a product there isn't this limit there is not this concept of enough.

By saying they're having their own event you don't really answer why they're skipping another are they not smart enough to just do both? I mean what we're discussing is just not a regular game we're talking about the debut of their latest Hardware...

RosweeSon1518d ago

Yeah it was really disrespectful when they dropped the price of the 3ds 6 months after launch... Oh wait but they gave us 20!! NES/GBA games wouldn't get that with any of the other companies. They've always had a rewards program just relaunched but they had club Nintendo. Nintendo look after their actual fans just fine, the naysayers no.

_-EDMIX-_1518d ago

I have no clue what you're talking about as none of that actually sounds relevant to what was posted or the topic at hand.....

In considering the monstrosity that is Star Fox Zero I can't say Nintendo looks after their fans especially after they just announced Zelda U coming to the NX in delaying the game just a release on the new platform that doesn't necessarily sound fair to the people that own a Wii U to wait for a version of the game they purchased a platform for 4 years ago to get in the first place...

I've owned every Nintendo console and every Nintendo handheld with the exception of the Wii U and I could tell you this company for a long time has not been being in the best interest to a lot of its fans they've been constantly Outsourcing their work to third parties and it's something that's so disrespectful I expect a company like Capcom to do that foolishness but not Nintendo they've been doing this more and more I would say in the last 15 years.

I'm almost speechless to hear that Namco Bandai made a Smash Brothers game.... it makes you wonder if their own teams are even capable of even creating content to the same level as other developers if this company is constantly Outsourcing to other teams it's starting to sound like their own teams are not capable of having the same level of quality.

Smh. As a old school fan of the company I could honestly say this company is a shell of its former self and as a friend of someone who holds several World Records in several Nintendo games I could tell you he's told me he's already felt some of the series have died to him he's no longer going to purchase any more of the main Mario games and he's now even considering not purchasing the new Zelda game and let me repeat he holds World Records on some of these games..

Since after the GameCube I'm not the only one that's noticed quality decreasing in their games and their games becoming overly simplified.

Of course this is how I personally feel it's not to be taken as fact or anything like that but one must take into consideration their current position in terms of selling less Hardware, less software and making less money I mean at some point somebody needs to acknowledge that all these losses have to mean something something's happening at this company and consumers are very much looking at this company a different way than they did 15 years ago for them to be in the current position that they're in.

Sony is selling more and they are very consistent Microsoft is selling more and they're very consistent why on Earth is it Nintendo that is at this all time low and making less money?

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corroios1518d ago

Damage control. Its bad. Biggest game show of the planet without a huge NX presentation is good? Well, i must be really stupid, because i really cant understand that.

Realplaya1518d ago

They said their not ready to show it what's so damn hard to understand. Their take is if we want the gamers we need to be ready. How many times have people come on this very site and said how can Nintendo have a system and not give developers ample time to make games. Well now they have a year to get their software up and running.

WickedLester1518d ago

Then they're in Far worse trouble than I originally thought! The console is launching literally in less than a year and they're not ready to show ANY aspect of it?? Come on!

wonderfulmonkeyman1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

So because you can't understand the benefits of not having to share spotlight time with PSNeo, PSVR, and [potentially] an XBone Slim, suddenly your lack of understanding means its damage control?

No, dude.
It just means you're unable to grasp the logic, let alone see it.

@ Dani
My friend, just because Nintendo's not scared of it, doesn't mean that they can't see the benefits of steering clear of it.
After the Wii U's launch bombed so hard, Nintendo's got a LOT to make up for.
Any bit of spotlight they can get that isn't shared by other big announcements is a good thing for them, even if the NX CAN compete with them head-on.

It's not that I changed my mind, it's that I've been seeing things from a much different viewpoint than a lot of others here.
Whether the NX can compete or not, sharing a spotlight with Sony's announcements won't allow Nintendo to get as much attention as a solo event made just for them.

deafdani1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I told you exactly that some days ago and you flat out told me that wasn't the reason Nintendo would skip E3 in regards to the NX (speaking derisively about Nintendo not being afraid of a first person helmet, and disregarding Neo as mere rumors [which is true]).

I see you changed your mind now. Lol.

deafdani1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Oh, please.

Back then, you denied my argument that Nintendo delayed the NX launch intentionally because of the competition, telling me that they wouldn't be scared of the competition so that's not a reason for that... yet here you are, saying exactly the same thing I said.

So, if you haven't changed your mind, then you're flip-flopping from one argument from another as it best suits you.

We both know it. The proof is right there in the contradictory nature of your own posts. This is happening because you're so heavily set on defending Nintendo at all costs that you're retorting to anything to rebate everyone's criticisms against them in here, even if that means jumping inconsistently from one argument to another depending on who you're talking to.

Trust me... this isn't doing you, or your case for Nintendo, any favors.

wonderfulmonkeyman1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

@ Dani
There's a difference between scared, and smart planning/wanting more spot-light to themselves.
You don't have to be scared of competition to recognize that getting more spotlight, in a time when you need as much as you can get and E3 wouldn't provide it due to having to share, is the smart move.

I'm assuming you're referring to my quote that says:

"There's no evidence that the Neo is releasing this year, and even if it does, it still doesn't count as a reason behind why Nintendo's not releasing NX sooner, because Nintendo's released systems alongside others before now."

I stand by that; the Neo itself, let alone the PSVR, aren't reasons to be scared and stay away.
I'm convinced that having to share the spotlight with them is the reason that keeps Nintendo away from them, not fear of them being better.

Even if the NX and the Neo/PSVR went up on stage, and the NX was the better choice between them by majority opinion, it still wouldn't change the fact that Nintendo and Sony would be sharing the spotlight, digging into each other's hype waves, and lessening the effect much more than if they had the show to themselves.

Fear and wanting the whole spotlight are not the same thing.
I haven't flip-flopped.
Poorly explained myself, perhaps, and in that case, your misunderstanding is on me.
But I have stuck to my guns; I don't feel Neo or PSVR are something for Nintendo to be afraid of, even though it's wisest to stay away for the sake of getting more attention through their own event.

deafdani1517d ago

And I didn't say Nintendo were scared of anyone on that post. My words were that they didn't want to compete against them (PSVR - Neo).

Or, to explain it in your own words: sharing the spotlight = competing.

Which, again, is exactly what you're saying here, and which, again, is the argument you dismissed from me in that other post.

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Ristul1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

If they have nothing to show right now then maybe it is better to wait and come out strong later in the year. When Nintendo had a lacking e3 last year they got hammered by both the fans and media, this strategy to wait to show their hand could pay off in the long run as we can assume there is quality games in the pipeline for the NX. I will remain positive for now.

I just hope there is no gimmick this time around, or at least that Nintendo will tone it down.

maxleresistant1518d ago

No E3 is certainly better than a shitty E3.

Ristul1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Yeah, last years Nintendo E3 left me disappointed as hell, I would prefer a more substantial NX reveal even if it's later in the year.

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