Destiny Has Nearly 30 Million Registered Players: Activision Posts “Better than Expected” Results

Activision just posted its financial results for the first quarter of calendar year 2016, reporting “better than expected” numbers.

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Aenea1518d ago

Registered, yes, but how many are still playing? I've even deleted it from my harddisk and I've played it a lot....

Stick891518d ago

Exactly, registered is not average concurrent which is the true test of how well an online game is doing. Im in the same boat as you Aenea. As soon as I beat the first raid I uninstalled and haven't looked back.

S2Killinit1518d ago

maybe not 3 million, but definitely more than almost all other games this long after release, that's for sure.

FamilyGuy1517d ago

It's noted that the number of registered users have gone up from 25 million to that 30 million in a span of 3 months so it's still a significant increase, regardless of actual users. Basically it had to have had quite a few sales to jump up that many registered users.

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BlackPhillip6661518d ago

gets a lot off play in my house still working towards lvl 35 light. Looking forward till September update aswell. Game as give a lot and is still giving hasn't left me wanting each to their own i guess.

Aenea1518d ago

The level cap is 40, not 35...

kickerz1518d ago

I think he meant light 335 which is max. The latest update actually really improved the game. I'm really enjoying it

Patricko1518d ago

You mean giving the old rehashed content from the launch of the game? Or did you mean another pointless emots for real money?

FamilyGuy1517d ago

Everybody ask for that "rehashed content" though. People that play are constantly asking them to make the older strike and raids relevant again by releasing higher light level versions of them. The Winters Run strike was a good revamp, more challenging too.

jcnba281518d ago

Yeah that's great and all but how many of those 30mil are still playing the game?

S2Killinit1518d ago

more than any other game this long after release.

WellyUK1518d ago

It's still a popular game... can people not understand this? I don't like the game but I can deal with the fact it's a massively popular.