E3 2016: Top 10 games we need to see at the event

This year has already provided us with a good number of awesome games and that's pretty impressive given that we're only in May and we haven't even seen half of what 2016 has to offer…

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naruga1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

judging from Division (also AssasinC, Watchdog etc) and the scale of battle they re trying to archive in the game ," For Honor " will be a glitch festival :P ..good luck though

Booggeyman1109d ago

I know it doesn't look good based on their previous attempts but maybe Ubisoft finally learned how to handle multiplayer....I hope

Movefasta19931107d ago

Zelda, a new monster hunter games on consoles, playable last guardian and gran turismo demos, mass effect story trailer,more ip's from Microsoft including recore & scalebound, a new prince of persiaaaaaa wtf ubi,kingdom of hearts 3 aaaaaaaannnnddddd borderlands 3.

Tobsesan1107d ago

I doubt we will see anything about Cyberpunk 2077

1107d ago
Darkfist1107d ago

last guardian release date, gravity rush release date, ape escape 4, okami 2, fans angry at crash bandicoot redesign xD

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