Will This Be Nintendo’s Worst E3?

Nintendo announced their E3 plans today and…it was not what I was hoping for. And so I ask, along with everyone else, what is Nintendo doing? Could this be their worst E3 ever?

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wonderfulmonkeyman1526d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Will This Be Nintendo’s Worst E3?
Will haters ever stop assuming Nintendo can't do anything exciting/right?
Has the sky suddenly turned green with purple polka-dots before being frozen over?

More on these questions and others, tonight at 11! *Eyeroll*

It won't be Nintendo's worst E3.
Zelda alone is going to guarantee that, but just because Zelda is the only playable game on the show floor, doesn't mean it's the only game announcement they'll have.
Not once did Nintendo EVER claim that they would be announcing nothing other than Zelda.
Haters are assuming otherwise, then laughing like retards while assuming the show will be a flop.

Put your crystal balls away; even at Nintendo's worst of E3's, they've always announced or covered multiple games.

LOL_WUT1526d ago

I don't know if it'll top last years cringeworthy Digital Event, in which the company put on a muppet show, but having just Zelda at this years E3, is really embarrassing on so many levels ;)

pcz1525d ago

each year has got worse and worse. i expect this years e3 to be nothing short of a horrendous catastrophic disaster for nintendo.

what happened to nintendo? its almost as if it died with iwata

wonderfulmonkeyman1525d ago

At no point did they ever say that Zelda would be the only game they'd show at E3.
It's just the only one playable on the show floor.
You know, the show floor you and 99% of the rest of the gaming community won't be attending.

wonderfulmonkeyman1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Spinning as usual, both you and diss; taking shit out of context to hate on Nintendo has basically become your M.O.
@ Ava
It's not crowd control, it's correcting blatant lies; everyone's claiming Nintendo has said that they'll only be showing Zelda at E3.
Nintendo has never once said that.
You can call it "crowd control" or whatever else you want, but the fact is, a lot of people here are spreading misinformation.
If no one corrects it, it spreads like a plague of stupidity.
I'm against spreading stupidity.

_-EDMIX-_1525d ago

Nintendo needs to cut this guy a check lol

NXSwitch1525d ago

Nintendo, wonderfulmonkeyman is the new Reggie U hear me. This dude will back U the fuck up so cut him a check & get the other Regganator out the office. Really these articles need to stop because it brains washes the ppl that are new to gaming not want to pick up great games from Nin ect.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1525d ago

Once again, Monkey man is first to do crowd control for Nintendo. I actually clicked here thinking he'd be first. Lo and behold, he was.

Zeldafan641525d ago

For me personally this is going to be one of my favorite e3s ever. Getting one of my most anticipated games of all time as the main focus? Yes please.

Mega_Volnutt1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Well, with all major 3party devs abandoning the WiU and no games from Nintendo releasing this year except for Rio and Paper(which I dont care) and Nintendo announcing the NX for March, well yes, this will be Nintendo's worst e3 ever, simply because they have shifted their efforts on the NX that we don't even know nothing about. Nintendo should pull out from e3 for their own sake this year. I'm not watching a boring 3DS e3, with games that I don't even want.

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BrandanT1526d ago

Would people react this negatively if Sony were showing off Uncharted alone at e3?

Nyxus1526d ago

Yes. Don't get me wrong, Zelda will be awesome, but to have so little presence on gaming's biggest trade show less than a year before launching a new console is kind of weird, and disappointing.

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NXSwitch1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

After E3 what happens? Everyone goes back on the internet to stay in touch with more gaming news in the future. So Nintendo knows that & they are saying why spend all that money when we can gradually spread our gaming news throughout the year on Directs for the net to show & see.

OC_MurphysLaw1525d ago

If all Sony showed off at E3 was 1 Uncharted game you can bet your last dollar that people would be up in arms screaming and fearing that Sony was abandoning that hardware.

This 100% should anger EVERY Nintendo fan who bought a WiiU.

wonderfulmonkeyman1525d ago

It WOULD, if there were ANY TRUTH to the FALSE CLAIM that Nintendo's ONLY SHOWING ZELDA.

The ONLY thing Nintendo has said is that they will be putting Zelda out as the only PLAYABLE game at the show.
They NEVER said that they wouldn't be announcing any other games.

Christ, it's like people do more reading of the blank space between lines than the actual lines themselves.

_-EDMIX-_1525d ago

Yes, absolutely as that doesn't really make any sense.

Stealth20k1526d ago

Maybe, but who cares....E3 gets less foot traffic than even TGS does now

MrSwankSinatra1526d ago

Well when you have only one game, one could imagine how it would be their worst E3.

wonderfulmonkeyman1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Not once did they say they won't be announcing any other games.
Only that Zelda will be the only one playable at the show floor.

Big difference.
Stop hate spinning.

"Stop damage controlling"

Stop trying to cause damage and I won't have to control you by tugging on your leash, mutt.

XXXL1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Nintendo is so completely out of touch with what consumers want it's laughable already

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