Guile Has Broken Street Fighter V with an Unbeatable Combo

There's no escaping this ridiculous 30-hit Street Fighter V combo.

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343_Guilty_Spark1523d ago

That's why I like Killer Instinct because you can easily break out of the combo if you know what it is.

Kingthrash3601523d ago

Well this new KI is ultra simplified so I bet you can easily break out of a combo. This 30 hit combo takes a lot to pull off ...timing, repetitive lab work and concentration are what makes this combo impressive. Not to mention the timing of attack to het caught in the first place...KI does most of its combo work for you its a kindergarten fighting game ...that said..i hope this gets a patch it an exploit.

GoldenJoystick1523d ago

Lol you're about as clueless as Kim kardashian. Killer instinct combos are the hardest to pull and combo break in any game. This is just, broken lol

maniacmayhem1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

***KI does most of its combo work for you***

You were almost believable until this part right here. Especially considering that SFV is the most casual entry of the series this far.

divinealpha1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Kindergarten fighting game Well hell why don't you go to gaming tournaments evo etc .. And get some free cash

LA_Zeo1523d ago

Specifically with Ryu, He can't break a lot of other character combos so I'm not surprised he was the victim of 1 of many flaws of.....

Dmagic1522d ago

you have no ideal what you're talking about what does that even mean?

LA_Zeo1496d ago

You must not play with Ryu if you did then you'd no what I'm talking about.

VTKC1523d ago

Wow that was amazing, this takes skill to do. Alot more skill than from the old death combos in the old Street Fighter 2. Flying fierce into standing fierce to sonic boom to backhand standingfierce, causing dizzy, ko them with flying fierce to crouching strong to flashkick. 7 hits in total KO on full health.

NotEvenMyFinalForm1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Not much skill actually. SFV doesn't has one-frame links, so all the combos have a lot of buffer (4 frames minimum). This game's very casual friendly. The gameplay's more about footsies, spacing and decisions rather than execution like SFIII or SFIV, which got more complex with each update.

VTKC1523d ago

Well i cant do it lol. I cant do the second sonic after the first crouching strong into second sonic. But that old stuff no problem. Sigh i guess i am getting too old for this.

Gaming4Life19811523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Totally agree that sf5 is very casual and thats why sf4 at this point is bteter than sf5 in alot of ways. I do like sf5 so dont think i hate it but i definitely expected more and it feels like a sequel to sf3 rather than sf4 imo.

PurpHerbison1522d ago

Chris G did much harder combos with his character of choice in SF4. The only thing that is arguably hard about this combo is the charge partitioning. The actual links aren't difficult.

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