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Unfortunately, Uncharted 4 plays it safe, and focuses on a cinematic experience rather than innovative gameplay. The game dazzles the senses with brilliant direction, excellent voice work, and amazing visual fidelity, but it's held together by fairly generic third-person shooting and platforming.

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Agito19871866d ago

what a bs review, salty?


On the " innovative gameplay " point
Well there is a saying for that, if it ain't broken dont fix it.

Uncharted gameplay has always been great, change it and you might hurt the game.

Even with that, naughty dog did add alot of new gameplay elements in Uncharted 4, i could list them but i dont feel the neccesary to.

windblowsagain1866d ago

What's Generic about fist fighting, swinging into combat, driving, climbing, swimming, etc.

DOOM is Just shooting, shooting, shooting.

Battlefield is just flying, shooting, driving, swimming.

Just stupid things people say.

I would not call that a review. lol.

All games elements they will stick to as that's what made them enjoyable to people in the first place.

As for Uncharted. It is a Story based game with Tons of action just like all the other Uncharted games.

OrangePowerz1866d ago

Am I missing something or is the review only a few paragraphs and more ad's than review?

Imalwaysright1866d ago

I couldn't read it. Something about cookies and I went to eat some...

DigitalRaptor1866d ago

I just looked and it's not a review.

The article says in the top right, "Preview". So does somebody want to report this one?

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The story is too old to be commented.