Video Game Hall of Fame Class of 2016: Zelda, GTA3, Sonic, Space Invaders, Oregon Trail, The Sims

The votes have been tallied and the results are in, the Strong Museum is ready to announce the induction committee’s selections for the World Video Game Hall of Fame Class of 2016. This year…

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Kalebninja2996d ago

Sonic's in but no Pokemon or Final Fantasy? Idk what to say to that.

RosweeSon2996d ago

Yeah don't know what the criteria is but the years they came out don't seem to come into it age is but a number sure and I don't mean to take anything away from gta3 I recently platinum'd it and had it launch its a truly great game but that is in there and yet older games like Pokemon, final fantasy which I'm not a massive fan of but still. I mean what happened to Mario 1, 3 at the very least and if not Super Mario World... Come on. Specially if Sonic got in 1-3 great sonic and knuckles fantastic but after that there's a whole load of average stuff.

-Foxtrot2996d ago

Space Invaders should have been in years ago with Tetris and Pacman.


The Oregon Trail - Launch Trailer

Brave the challenges of pioneer life—survive blizzards, broken limbs, snakebites, exhaustion, starvation, and the dreaded dysentery as your party strives to reach Oregon before winter.

shinoff218314d ago

This is also on console. Been there for a month


The Oregon Trail Switch physical release on the way

The Oregon Trail reveals plans for a Nintendo Switch physical release happening soon. Pre-orders are now live.

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shinoff218318d ago (Edited 18d ago )

I'll have to check for a ps5 physical , I'd buy it off nostalgia alone

Edit for anyone wondering. Yes there is other versions

jznrpg18d ago

I played this is elementary school on an Apple computer. I vaguely remember needing to type words to shoot. That was a long time ago. Back then it was all in green or orange I can’t remember which.


15 Best PS2 Open World Games Ever Made

With plenty of open world games to choose from on the PlayStation 2, narrowing down the list to just the 15 best is quite the difficult task.

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SimpleSlave23d ago

Those games were pretty mid. In fact, I'm surprised they even put The Getaway: Black Monday. But they left out much better games like Way of the Samurai 1-2, Okami, Jak 2 or 3, Final Fantasy 12, Yakuza 1-2, or SSX 3.