Blizzard Release Mobile Wallpapers and Ringtones

Blizzard have released WoW, Starcraft and Diablo mobile phone Ringtones and Wallpapers, available to purchase directly from them!

You can check out the wallpapers and listen to the ringtones over at the Blizzard site. Here was the announcement earlier from Blizzard earlier:

"Carry a little piece of Azeroth wherever your real-world travels take you with our new World of Warcraft-themed wallpapers and ringtones for your phone. They're part of a new service that lets you download content related to your favorite Blizzard Entertainment games to supported mobile phones. Over 50 pieces of content are currently available, including ringtones of World of Warcraft's capital city themes and the distinctive murloc gurgle, as well as wallpapers featuring character artwork, class and faction emblems, and more. Visit the new Mobile Ringtones and Wallpapers page for more information -- and while you're there, be sure to check out our StarCraft and Diablo mobile content, too.

Mobile Ringtones & Wallpapers page:"

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Dorjan3708d ago


I'm going to have to get me a zergling!

Wuushu3708d ago

Damn, this might actually give me a reason to bring my mobile when i leave the house :P

Leord3708d ago

Hehe, I'm wondering what business avenues they are yet to fill with WoW merchandise =)

Starting to get a little intimidated by the commercialism =P

Maticus3708d ago

I was actually surprised to see they were charging for these ringtones and wallpapers.

thetamer3708d ago

It's just another way for blizzard to make money. I think it's a complete cop out. As if they don't have enough money. And if people wnat to have their ringtones, they'll find a way of doing it without having to pay Blizzard

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