PS4/PS3 Exclusive JRPG Persona 5 Gets Fantastic New Trailer, Box Art and Collector's Edition

During a livestream on Nico Nico, Atlus showcased a brand new trailer of Persona 5, which you can see at the bottom of the post.

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Ruggadagod1113d ago

I love how you can enjoy niche games like Persona 5 and Very popular mainstream games like Uncharted 4 all on the same console. Why is Playstation so diverse? It's always been like this. Some may not like Persona and that's okay and some may dislike Uncharted and that's okay too. You can choose what you want.

Neckbear1113d ago

Goddammit Ruggarell. Not here.

miyamoto1113d ago

PlayStation being dominant in the gaming industry is the best thing for it because it gets the balance right between western games and Japanese games.

NotEvenMyFinalForm1112d ago

Persona is not exactly a "niche" series anymore. It sells in the millions now.

Hold_It1112d ago

Exactly. Persona is popular, and SMT has become niche.

its_JEFF1112d ago

Ugghh.... this game looks good! That wait, September, I wonder if that's just the Japan release?!?! Anyone know if the world is set up like the previous games or more "open world" like ala GTA? There seems to be so much more locations, Hawaii even!

GameBoyColor1112d ago

Only japanese release for now. The world seems to be set up the same way as before, more like akibas trip though, and the dungeons are probably seperate levels (instances) but for the first time ever the dungeons will vary greatly unlike past games.