Nintendo Is Using Their E3 Press Conference Slot For A Zelda Event

"When Nintendo announced last week that Zelda will be the only playable game at this year’s E3, they left the door open for a press conference or Direct where they could announce other non-playable games. Seems like that ain’t happening, either."

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BullyMangler1116d ago

Im hearing many people complaining and dooming Nintendo, for only showing Zelda at E3, and not NX.

Well to be grateful, im excited for E3 because for sure we get a (new trailer) and NAME for the newest zelda!

wonderfulmonkeyman1116d ago

Safe bet of the day; the title will somehow be tied to that mysterious tablet-shaped relic hanging off of his hip.
And before anyone says "it's a book", tell me where you guys are seeing pages and a binding?
Because I'm not seeing either. It looks like a solid slab...

wonderfulmonkeyman1116d ago

They never once said that they won't have other games besides Zelda to announce.
E3 has three whole days, and Zelda is only in the morning slot; they've got all day to do another Digital event even if they skip using a conference to talk about them, so assuming that new game announcements are just "ain't happening, either", is jumping the gun.

Overload1115d ago

"On Tuesday, June 14, rather than hold some sort of blowout event full of interesting news and trailers, Nintendo will live-stream the new Zelda. Said the company in a press release this morning"

You obviously didn't read the article. Nintendo isn't going to be announcing anything major, now is the time to come to terms with that.

Zelda should be great though.

wonderfulmonkeyman1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

There are three full days of E3, and the Zelda event only takes place on the first.
You don't mean to tell me you ACTUALLY BELIEVE that Nintendo's not going to show a SINGLE GAME MORE than just Zelda, when they've never stated as such, do you?

Here's the FULL quote, straight from Nintendo:

"Nintendo’s kickoff to the E3 show happens at 9 a.m. PT Tuesday, June 14, when Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime introduces Nintendo Treehouse: Live, which will be dedicated to a day of live-streamed gameplay of The Legend of Zelda.
This will be the world’s first in-depth look at the game, which will also include commentaries by Nintendo developers.
The Legend of Zelda gameplay will be streamed from the E3 show floor via Nintendo’s channels on YouTube and Twitch, as well as on
The stream will include game coverage, behind-the-scenes info and plenty of fun."

So, yes, I DID read the article.
And I noticed, which most people apparently haven't, that they ONLY mentioned the first day being dedicated to Zelda, and I firmly believe that if they really want to, they could show something off at the tail-end of the first day that isn't Zelda U related, just to kick things off for the second and third days.
The difference between me and a lot of the people here, is that I'm not inferring something Nintendo has never stated; that Zelda is the one and only game being brought to the entirety of E3.
Going by Nintendo's own words, Zelda is only being shown as a special for the first day; two days more is PLENTY of time for Nintendo to show off more games.
At no point has Nintendo stated that all three days of E3 are going to be solely dedicated to Zelda.
Until Nintendo says or shows otherwise, it's not exactly wise to assume that they'll only show one single game at the entire show when they've never done anything close to that before.

Zeldafan641114d ago

Couldn't think of a better use of their time than that.