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Star Fox Zero is an old dog's attempt at staying relevant in a brave new world. Non-Fiction Gaming's Aidan takes a look at the successes and pitfalls to see how it measures up.

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hardcorehenry1115d ago

dont get cocky star fox!

ok bye!

superchiller1115d ago

Another review mentioning how terrible the controls are in the game. Forcing the gamepad gimmick in yet another game still can't justify it's existence, sadly. They didn't score the game, but the overall review sounds like it would have been a 6.

LOL_WUT1115d ago

Yeah forcing people to adapt to these weird control schemes, is not fun nor innovative. ;)

deafdani1115d ago

You flock to every Star Fox review with a bad score, but you don't say anything on the reviews that do give it a good score.

Your hate crusade against anything and everything Nintendo does is extremely pathetic and sad.

wonderfulmonkeyman1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

I know, right?
Dude's never even touched the game yet he thinks he knows what the controls are like.
I own it, and they aren't that hard to deal with.
He probably just sucks at anything that isn't a traditional control scheme.

@ Shiller
The overwhelming majority of reviews are either mixed or positive, not negative.
If that's your definition of a "ruined" game, then you've got mental issues.

superchiller1115d ago

@ deafdani - Just pointing out that most reviews mentioned the terrible controls. Only a few diehard Nintendo fansites rated Star Fox Zero highly, and we all know that those scores are way out of line with the majority. Why get so upset about it? Nintendo and Platinum are the ones who ruined the game, maybe you should focus your irritation on them?

blawren41114d ago

If you look up an antonym for an objective review, you will find this one. This person is a worse troll than anyone here, which is saying a great deal.

superchiller1114d ago

Or alternatively, he just gave an honest review for a game that was expected to be good by many fans, but turned out to be crippled by terrible controls. It's really not more complicated than that.

blawren41114d ago

you are cut from the same cloth, of course you would have the same uneducated and biased opinion.

superchiller1114d ago

Unfortunately the game has gotten many reviews that rate it as average or mediocre, with the vast majority mentioning the terrible controls. The overall score on Metacritic is 69, "mixed or average reviews". No matter how much you want it to be a better game, it just isn't going to be one at all. Blame Nintendo and Platinum for this, not the reviewers who are just being honest about it.