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Natalie Behrman // Consumer Events Specialist

I know those of you who are attending PAX are seriously competitive gamers. We're bringing that competition to the PlayStation Booth (#914) this year, so I wanted to give you readers times when you'll be able to throw-down against your fellow attendees

For the first time ever, you'll be able to get your hands on Resistance 2 multiplayer. We're going to have a number of kiosks for you to jump on anytime and blast away your opponents with a slew of unique weapons in gorgeous environments.

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lordxing3703d ago

I can't wait to see that either, I was so hyped up about prototype until it got delayed, and it seems all that hype jumped boats to infamous, now I just hope the demonstration amps it all up. Of course I don't think sucker punch would disappoint.

Silogon3703d ago

I sure can't wait till all these games are out. Not cause I want a good number of them, cos I don't. I simply want them out so Sony has no other choice but to show something NEW!!

I bet when Killzone 2
Motorstorm 2
Resistance 2
Little Big planet

are all out, Sony will start showing the followups. I haven't seen 1 new game "OFFICALLY" from Sony since they announced these games. Get on with it.

Surfman3703d ago

eehh dude they cant show new games every months, they already show alot of stuff, and alot more than Microsoft and Nintendo combined.

heyheyhey3703d ago

errr... MAG??


the new PSN games?

DC Universe and Free Realms from SOE?

your a mixed bag Silogon

ShadowReaper143703d ago

Silogon shut up sony just showed a crap lod of new stuf a the game convention in germany like eye pet, heavy rain ect.

Silogon3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Don't know about you but I've known about Heavy Rain for over a year now. Eye Pet, huh? hahaahhahahaah, please. Sony knows nothing unless a number isn't attached to its ass.

Sony can't show off new games every monht, you all are right, but they damn sure have perfected showing off the ones they do have. Going on 2 years now for some of these and 3 for Killzone 2.

Edit to the above:

MAG?? -- boy another online war game. Just what we needed.

EyePet? -- Yeah, I'll be 1sdt in line with this one. so will all the over 24 year old gamers I know.

the new PSN games? Stoopin' pretty low for your content, huh?

DC Universe and Free Realms from SOE -- hahahahahhahahahahahaha, yeah cause playing as a made up super hero in an empty city looks smashing!

Your maxxed out, man.

butterfinger3703d ago

"Sony knows nothing unless a number isn't attached to its ass. " That is just wrong. lol. LittleBigPlanet, InFamous, Heavy Rain: Where are their numbers? That being said, I do agree that I can't wait to see something new. They have ridden these games so hard at all these trade shows. LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm 2, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, and Socom are all coming out in the relatively near future, but I'm sure we will be hearing nothing but Heavy Rain and InFamous out of Sony for the next 12 months or more.

heyheyhey3703d ago

thats not the point Silogon

you said Sony has announced ->NOTHING<-.... you didn't say Sony has announced nothig you like did you?

i don't care what you think about MAG and EyePets etc etc the point is that you were wrong

personally i think MAG is pretty exciting because of the promised realism resembling real-world conflicts

EyePets- not so much, but those 24+ gamers you mentioned will definitley be looking to get it for their kids so yeah- they will be in line for it

Surfman3703d ago

littlebigplanet is everywhere, Sony loves it.

unrealgamer583703d ago

cool infamous but resistance HELL YEAH!. cant wait to i get to use the magnum on some unsuspecting asshole(as soon as my ps3 is back!!!!)

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The story is too old to be commented.