Ditching Watch Dogs Protagonist is a Brilliant Move by Ubisoft

Anthony from GamersFTW writes, "If you haven’t seen it yet, an image of what may be the new protagonist for Ubisoft’s sequel to Watch Dogs has been spreading online this week. The leaked image first appeared on the Instagram account of a motion caption actor. This rumor has not yet been substantiated, but if true I couldn’t be happier. A new protagonist could fix what I believed to be the biggest flaw in the original title."

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CoNn3r_B1114d ago

Except the new protagonist looks like a hipster twat. At least Aiden looked cool, this new guy just screams "new age angst"

Yukes1114d ago

Wouldn't even say Aiden looked cool - the appearances of both are pretty inspiring. Hopefully this new protagonist will have more character, though, and better writing.

Kreisen1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

Yeah, they just went form bad to worse imo. Aiden had a dull story and didnt have much character but at least he looked cool, they could build on that. Now we get this child who will probably have the personality of a teenager going through his rebel phase. Like i wanna listen to some kid throwing a hissy fit for 10 hours...

Goldby1112d ago

his back story was what turned me off him all together. Family member dies from crazy drunk driver. player proceeds to drive exactly like its GTA not even thinking about how what you are doing to others in your car is what happened to him...

-Foxtrot1112d ago

If Aiden wasn't well received then it was there job to make him more interesting but no, no there very first thought is to scrap everything and start from scratch.

They did the same with Desmond in Assassins Creed. People didn't realise how vital he was to the franchise, a character who holds everything together and makes the overall plot worth something, until they got what they wanted and Ubisoft took him out.

OpieWinston1114d ago

The new protagonist look is horrible? Brilliant move? I doubt this guy even has a cool voice like Aiden did.
Talk about a massive step back... Farcry 4 all over again.
How do you go from Vaas to Pagan Min?

hiredhelp1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

I agree to part of farcry 4. Aiden was good character all round the voice was great.
What do people want here some style of a fake character hacker or james bond style guy.
Aiden seem like a normal guy who had skills that you wouldnt think guy of his style or cyaracter woukd have,he had heat conviction tryin help his family "that wasnt his daughter or son" which was differnt thing to do i enjoyed.
Eaither way Im buying watch dogs 2 purely gameplay artstyle open world oh btw still visually impressive.

ArnoDorian1112d ago

well. the new guy, i can definitely say the voice of the new guy is pretty swell, Mang.

joedom1114d ago

The new guy looks marginally more interesting than Aidan. Then again, a pile of dirty socks is more interesting than Aidan, so that's not really saying much.

Shubhendu_Singh1112d ago

As of now, anything was better than Aiden Pierce.

By pure game story logics, that guy was an asshole. It not that he killed thousands (which all games do), but turning around and actually justifying his decisions was what made his so unlikable for me. Worst protagonist of the current gen.

uth111112d ago

"You killed my niece, now you must pay"

Yup, I wished the "bad guys" would just say

"You killed half of Chicago, get off your high horse asshole"

Kalebninja1112d ago

People being upset that the new protagonist dresses like the average young adult is insane, people made jokes about how Aiden stuck out like a sore thumb but complain now. It's not suppose to be a costume it's a guy in normal clothing and I don't see how that's hard to understand. I mean c'mon Nathan Drake wears a blue shirt and jeans and Micheal (GTAV) wears a plain black suit.

DragonKnight1112d ago

"People being upset that the new protagonist dresses like the average young adult."

I don't know what's worse, that you think that it's "average" or that you might be right but only because "problem glasses" are the thing in this SJW infested world. I'm not surprised you'd like this character in the least.

The problem with the character is that he looks very unbelievable. Aiden had personality flaws that good writing could address, this character would need to be completely redone for anyone to take it seriously. The look is essentially taking a stereotype and trying to make us believe that the character is the exact opposite of that stereotype.

I mean, people are blind and don't really know Aiden's backstory because they have the attention span of someone with A.D.D. but Aiden actually has a decent backstory if you pay attention. He grew up as a rebellious child to a less than reputable father. He always wanted to be tough and got into fights a lot until he found a trainer. He learned how to deal with people, both physically and psychologically. Eventually he turned these skills into a job by becoming a Fixer and that's how he met Damien. Damien taught him how to hack, to be as manipulative of code as he was with people. Then the Merlot job happened and Aiden changed his focus. This is what makes him not only visually a more believable vigilante, but in terms of character as well.

What is Hipster Asian Stereotype going to do against WD2's equivalent of Iraq and his Viceroys or Lucky Quinn and The Club? Do you really think that, looking at that character, it seems plausible that he'd stand a chance?

That's why I say it's more likely that WD2 will focus much more on hacking, and that's a big problem.

Kalebninja1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

"What is Hipster Asian Stereotype"

I'd like you to tell me when have hipster Asians been a stereotype? And how is wearing glasses classify the character as a hipster to begin with? You're so ignorant it's not even funny, you're talking so much shit on a character who you have absolutely no insight on their story or role.

"I don't know what's worse, that you think that it's "average" or that you might be right but only because "problem glasses" are the thing in this SJW infested world. I'm not surprised you'd like this character in the least. "

What I want to know is what part of the world you live in that young adults/teens don't dress like this and what glasses have to do with SJW's? I'm sure you immediately assume they're fake glasses too.

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