Anyone can attend tomorrow night's Battlefield World Premiere

Fancy seeing the next Battlefield hours before everybody else? You can attend tomorrow's Battlefield World Premiere in London just by sending an email to Gfinity, according to a tweet from the company.

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esmittystud1011113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

If Dice ever wanted to take full advantage of a down CoD year, this is probably it. CoD: Infinate Warfare's trailer has more than a 50% dislike vote at the moment on You Tube, which is very, very, very, low for video game trailer. Even the worst games in the industry don't get that many or percentage of dislikes.

I would be willing to look at there series again just to see whats coming this holiday or whenever. Star Wars: Battlefront I like even though alot of guys don't. Its probably the best running Dice game I have ever played and the visuals are outstanding. It runs so smooth. Dice going with 900p 60fps was an excellent choice for PS4. Extraction mode is probably now my all time favorite first person shooter game mode now.

Question: On Star Wars: Battlefront, is there a "Rush" game mode? Maybe its called something else and I just didn't notice it.

Sorry to get a little off topic. Star Wars: Battlefront is great though.

arkard1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Walker assault is the closest thing to Rush IMO, or turning point.

esmittystud1011113d ago

Nice. I'll check it out when I get home.

Lamboomington1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

COD Infinite Warfare looks great for the most part, don't know why people are hating. Finally, devs are changing things, adding more freedom, more mechanics, taking it to space. That's a good thing, not a bad thing. I don't get why people still want the same old oversimplified gallery shooter.

esmittystud1011113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Its not that there mad at mechanics of the game. Not the gameplay. The setting is why they are all upset. They don't want to go further into the future. They want to go back in time or even current time. Not some 2055 futuristic Halo looking space ship on the screen. WWI, WWII, not WWIV.

detroitmademe1113d ago

CANNOT WAIT for the reveal Friday. I hope bf5 turns out to be fantastic because DICE are very talented but the last couple of games have been lukewarm. Not bad games but not hit games like I know their capable of

BattleAxe1112d ago

Despite the WW1/WW2 rumors, which I wish were true, I have a feeling it's going to be BF:2143. When you look at the BF:2142 influences in BF4, like the mech factory in the map 'Giants of Karelia', or the Titan space ship in Hanger 21', to me, that is the signal of what's to come next.