The Best Thing About Modern Warfare Remastered will be Shooting Imran Zakhaev All Over Again

Alex Mazey from GamersFTW writes:

“...everyone’s asking if we can have Modern Warfare Remastered on its own. Apparently, everyone is already sick of the jet packs, and no one wants zero-gravity environments anymore. With such a poorly received trailer, it’s no wonder Modern Warfare Remastered is coming semi-attached, like some kind of aquatic limpet clinging on for dear life.”

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MrsNesbitt1116d ago

I hope they do it separately but not holding my breath. But it as a whole then trade in Infinite? ;)

CoNn3r_B1116d ago

That doesn't bother Infinity Ward because they already have your money.

MrsNesbitt1116d ago

True! It's so frustrating. Do you ever think they will separate them?

CoNn3r_B1116d ago

Well as you said you would be perfectly willing to buy Infinite Warfare for CoD4 remaster so it wouldn't make sense for them to separate it. Money talks and Infinite Warfare is speaking volumes.

c00lvilKid691116d ago

They’ll definitely release it with Infinite Warfare. After six months or so they’ll then release Modern Warfare Remastered as a standalone with the content they’ve removed from the Infinite Warfare edition.

TheUndertaker851115d ago

Yes they will sell it separately down the line. It won't be any different than buying the special editions of the game day one. You get early access by doing so. Later they release to everyone.

DillyDilly1116d ago

Im sure Gamestop will sell it on its own used

CoNn3r_B1116d ago

I think it's getting released as a code only so you don't really have a choice in the matter.

TheUndertaker851115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

GameStop also sells digital content. Meaning they sell codes. They do have ways to validate gift cards and codes.

quenomamen1115d ago

If you're talkng about the part where you blow his arm off then I hate to break it to you but its a scripted event. Doesn't matter where you shoot him, it's always his arm that get's blown off.

wutang4ever1115d ago

people want the remaster more than infinite. Just Release a Remaster of MW 1,2,and 3.. I'll pay 60 bucks just for a remaster of MW 1,2,and3 with no COD infinite. Give the people what they want!!