Professional CS: GO streamer flanked by Windows 10 update

MWEB GameZone writes: "Windows 10 just won't stop; this time interrupting a professional gamer's CS: GO stream. Tell us how / if Windows 10 has interrupted your gaming sessions."

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HanCilliers1112d ago

LOLOL, the funniest things happen to/in the CS: GO world.

xHeavYx1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

The guy had been streaming for almost 9 hours, that was the computer saying "dude, go take a break"

Cueil1110d ago

BS... planed update... this wont happen unless you're an idiot or you're trying to pull hits to your account

HoldenZA1112d ago

Windows 10 is the most annoying invention out of Microsoft..........wait nevermind, I remember the paperclip....

Sillicur1112d ago

No no no, i thought i forgot about paperclip :( Now it will haunt my dreams again!

Cueil1110d ago

Office 2010: The Movie
best line
You took Clippy from me
Deleting him felt good

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SunnyZ1111d ago

All these nubs with Windows 10 Home...
Just get Windows 10 Pro and disable updates. Then once a week/month when ever, do a manual update. DONE!

Lon3wolf1111d ago

Yep, I believe there is a way of turning of the updates in standard 10 too, but I run pro lol.

ashcroft1111d ago

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to manually update. Anything over than Pro auto-updates. To be honest, I'm glad that it auto updates. The number of times people forget to do their updates and then complain about getting hit by an exploit or some form of malware is avoidable if they bothered doing an update from time to time.

Lon3wolf1111d ago


Can you not defer the updates or turn off automatically re-booting in the home version?

343_Guilty_Spark1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

You get the option to defer updates to a later time. This user probably just ignored them...and now we have another clickbait article bashing Microsoft.

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