Why Video Game Movies Will Never Be Great

Agent 47, Tomb Raider, all of the Resident Evil movies and…*shudders* Mario Bros. These are all terrible movies, but the thing that everyone always asks is “how”? How can a movie about a game be so hard to get right? well, Conner has a few theories that he's willing to share with you.

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higgins781115d ago

Totally agree. I love me some videogames, and some of the best in the industry have given me pure enjoyment, but yes, a really, really good movie is FAR, far more entertaining and/or thought provoking than even the best videogames.

esmittystud1011115d ago

I was thinking

"Movie video games will never be great"

Count how many great movie video games you played in your life time, I bet you can count them all on one hand total. Thats why when I see upcoming releases called: "Friday the 13th" for instance. It just spews a 59/100 average rating when said and done.

Really there just there for promotional purposes for the movies themselves. There has been a few over my 25 plus year gaming time. Goldeneye 007 for N64 was good. Can't think of anymore at the second though.

jaymacx1115d ago

The topic is movies that are based on games.. Not games that are based on movies... But games that are based of movies tend to be better than video game movies. Wreck it ralph and mortal kombat are probably the best movies from games

esmittystud1011115d ago

I know that, that why I said at the start " I was thinking".


OoglyBoogly1115d ago

Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay was freaking tops! Still is a very good game to this day.

CoNn3r_B1115d ago

People like to forget the "Chronicles of Riddick" part of that title

solideagle1115d ago

I think when you are not true to video game it messes the story e.g. Street Fighter making an American Van Damne the protagonist when clearly Ryu/Ken are the main draw for Street Fighter is the problem. Hollywood likes to make their own twist like a teen boy main protagonist in The Forbidden kingdom when Jacki/Jet Li (2 legends) are already there. ppfffttt

OoglyBoogly1115d ago

Van Damme is from Belgium. He's FAR from being American.

DivineAssault 1115d ago

He's from Brussels, had an accent, yet an American tattoo on his arm? That was a mess.. Everyone in that movie was far from their respected countries in the game..

joedom1115d ago

Maybe they're just making the wrong games into movies? I'd love to see a movie based on a more obscure game, like Hotline Miami or Ori and The Blind Forest. Anything to get the Prince of Persia movie out of my brain...

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The story is too old to be commented.