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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End review: A confident, assured sequel, and a strong end to the series.

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moegooner881520d ago

Same tool who gave the HD collection a 7..

Spyroo1520d ago

Videogamer mostly consists of PC fanboy journalists not suprirsed they review console games low all the time.

Also if you see their pathetic Alienation review you can clearly see they hardly played it just saying random bs while playing only one level that's it smh, if your gonna click on VideoGamer website make sure to put adblock extension on like Unlock.

darren_poolies1519d ago

Clearly you never ever watch, listen or read Videogamer. PC fanboy journalists? Literally only Jim and Alice even have gaming computers there.

FlameBaitGod1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

They gave Hitman a 9 but uncharted an 8, the same score they gave Quantum Break :D. Too legit ? Even TombRaider scored a 9 Lulz (it was good but you know....) . Mine-craft has an 8 too, I guess uncharted has the same level of quality as mine-craft.

Platformgamer1520d ago

Videogamer... signed in the "sites that are not to take seriously and not to follow" list

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Chaos_Order1520d ago

This is basically you right now:

It's one review for one game, and a great score at that! But oh no, reviewers need to give games the objective "right" score or they're just wrong and should be shamed... "He gave it an 8? Must be begging for hits!" Honestly, it's this kind of pathetic attitude that makes gamers look like a bunch of morons.

christocolus1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

The guy loves the game he even says so in the video review, anyways l can't wait to get my copy. I saw the first few secs of the video review and i was like OMG. This game looks stunning.

oasdada1520d ago

Hitman gets a 9 and uncharted 8? Ok now ive seen everything

darren_poolies1519d ago

Possibly just because he likes Hitman more than Uncharted? Shocking that people have different opinions, how dare they.

xPhearR3dx1519d ago

There's a reason these publishers give out review copies to multiple outlets. Not everyone is going to enjoy the game the same, even if they're a fan of the genre. I've never cared for the Uncharted series, mostly because I find the characters and story to be boring. Yet I've really enjoyed the new Tomb Raider games of the same genre. I even enjoy Hitman in general over the Uncharted series. Doesn't mean those games are set in stone better than Uncharted, just means I personally enjoyed them more. When I game is averaging 9+ scores, and someone gives it an 8. I think that's perfectly reasonable. They still acknowledged it's a great game, they just didn't enjoy it as much as others. Had they given it a 6 or something, then you may have a point. But that's not the case.

Rhythmattic1520d ago

Interesting opinion.. This site gave Halo Guardians and Rise of the Tomb Raider 9's... Opinions Ay?

zeuanimals1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Different reviewers with different rubrics, tastes, and standards. This reviewer gave Hitman a 9, though. I have trouble wrapping my head around that one.

Rhythmattic1519d ago

Yeh , I saw that Hitman review also. Opinions Ay?

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The story is too old to be commented.