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Nate Point Five.

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TheColbertinator1113d ago

Bet he gave it that score just for the joke :D

thekhurg1113d ago

He gave quantum break the same score.

kenwonobi1113d ago

Shows you his level of skill reviewing. Most certainly Quantum Break is nowhere near Uncharted on any level. However a 8.5 out of all these 10's is really encouraging as one of the only "low" scores. That's a great low score.

Drakesfortune1113d ago

Well when I see 9.5 and 10's everywhere and then you see a random really question the integrity of the review before even reading. So I say Clickbait.

Squall50051113d ago

I've seen around 5 reviews below a 9. Not everyone has to love a game as much as everyone else does.

Not to mention that The Jimquisition is completely ad-free and funed by Patreon. It doesn't matter how many clicks the review gets.

Drakesfortune1113d ago

It is entitled to his opinion. When there over 60 odd reviews and sitting on 94 metacritic. 8.5 is an anomaly when the general consensus is that the game is 9 and above.

8.5 is still a great score as is an 8. I am just adding my 2 cents like the reviewer has had.

Vegamyster1113d ago

"Well when I see 9.5 and 10's everywhere and then you see a random really question the integrity of the review before even reading. So I say Clickbait."

"8.5 is still a great score as is an 8. I am just adding my 2 cents like the reviewer has had. "

So you consider it a great score but it's clickbait because it's 1.0 off the reviews that you've seen?

Drakesfortune1113d ago

haha, all I said was that when the game is getting 9s and 10s across the board and then you see one that bucks the trend and goes against the general consensus. Normally it is clickbait (we have all seen review sites do this in the past just to get us to click on it or to be noticed). I never said it was bad score? I just said it is an anomaly within the review scores that are coming out. The guy could be spot on with his review and next week, once I have played it, I will be able to see whether I agree with him or not.

Genuine-User1113d ago

He didn't like it enough to give it a 9.5-10. Is that really so hard for you understand mate?

kenwonobi1113d ago

Well it's a outlier. It's his opinion. A low of 8.5 is really great. I'll take it if those are the lowest to expect.

DiscoKid1113d ago

You must think you live in some kind of utopia. Not everyone has the same opinion about a single game.

MoveTheGlow1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Yeah, I'm not sure you know what "clickbait" means, as indicated by Squall above. It's a term of intent, trying to get a massive amount of clicks in order to maximize the money a site gets, usually via ad revenue. Jim's on the other side of this - because of that funding model, Sterling just puts his own opinions out there without any upper editorial control, unlike quite a few of the sites mentioned giving these higher scores. If you disagree, you disagree. He puts himself at monetary risk by being outside of the reviewer norm and knows it. It's quite alright to disagree. I disagree with him often, but I appreciate the honesty.

Drakesfortune1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Maybe I miscommunicated what I meant. Like I say, I'm not saying he is wrong in his opinion. I am only looking at the scores at this point as I don't want any spoilers etc and I have noticed that this score doesn't correlate with most of the other reviews. He could be perfectly correct in the score he has given, I wont be able to formulate my own opinion and decide whether I agree with him or not until next week. Also, I did not know about his funding model as I have never actually seen a review from him in the past.

Again, we do see low scores or scores that do not follow the trend just so people click on them in order to get people to view the articles.

rainslacker1113d ago

8.5 isn't a low's just not as high as others. Jim tends to be pretty harsh as it is.

kenwonobi1113d ago

People are arguing over a 94 metacritic score. To which i say. Why??? It's gonna go no lower than probably 90-92 at best. It's a masterpiece already.

coolbeans1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

That's a weird way to go about thinking. We're literally at this point where someone being not so enthused about X game as everyone else--but still give it an incredibly high score--mean their integrity comes into question? Nevermind the 1000+ words dedicated to explaining his thoughts, let's go right after whether or not he falls right in line with the majority of critics.

If anything, I'd be MORE concerned about the integrity of reviewers when there's virtually no diversity among them.

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DragonDDark1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

We still arguing about the serial killer thing? It's just a video game... get over it.

Genuine-User1113d ago

Might be a joke, but if it isn't then I'll be disapointed in Mr Sterling.

BlakHavoc1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

First things first, this guys entitled too his opinion and you all should know not everyone is going to think this game is a master piece. But I think any one that's undecided on purchasing the game can take solace in knowing the general consensus has been that the games a damn 9 or better. I've easily seen just as many 10s lol. Have heard way too many people dawn it as the GOTG.

BlakHavoc1113d ago

Also people should keep in mind that every review has mentioned a flaw in the game which may have been enough for another critic to give the game a 9 or whatever. I think for most though the pros heavily out way the cons

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