Uncharted 4: A Thief's End hints at Sony owning Crash Bandicoot IP again?

From Releases: "This could literally be one of the most exciting pieces of evidence found in any game if it does in fact turn out to be true. As we all know that some players have got their hands on an early copy of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, the first pieces of information about the ending are coming out, although this doesn't relate to any spoilers so don't worry about that."

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Thatguy-3101529d ago

They have to own it. So much teasing and they don't even bother being discreet about it. The game is coming. It's just a matter of when. Omg can't freaking wait for e3

naruga1529d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

man Crash 4/remake needs to be made right (aka hope Sony bought it back and is being developed with care), imo there is not another chance for Crash to shine and reclaim its seat as top platformer on PS consoles .. hype is at toxic levels in me

darthv721528d ago

If Sony doesn't own the IP then at least they can lease it from Activision as part of their deal over COD and Destiny.

To get the game back in the developing hands of ND and then have Sony publish it... would be like the PS1 glory days all over again.

Retroman1528d ago

I knew this would happen. they might bought Jax and Daxter as well, E3 going to be Explosive. I would literally jump for joy.

Relientk771529d ago

If they announce Crash at E3 I will literally jump up and run around the house screaming

Davi1231528d ago

I don't understand how still exist gamers with doubts about this!
Is obvious that Sony have the Crash rights again!!!

rainslacker1528d ago

I'm all for it if they can manage to make a crash game as good as R&C was. Crash has been rather disappointing in it's later life. I don't think they need a full reboot/reimagining/whatever, but a really good Crash game could bring in new fans and remind everyone else why Crash is so beloved. With the recent R&C being one of the highest selling games in the series, it shows there is a market for these types of games.

Davi1231528d ago


Crash has been disappointing, because the new owners (Universal and then Activison) didn't knew how to do it like NaugthyDog. I understand why exist many gamers with fear of the Crash 4 sucks. The old owners try so many things and all of them fails. Like try transform Crash into a 3D game. But who lived the PS1 era, knows the Crash 3 had 3D amazing levels. So if will be ND or other 1st party do it with the supervision of ND, (i hope) will be amazing for sure, doesn't make any sense Sony buy the rights if they haven't saw that is possible make a great title that will sell well and will do a boost in PS4 sales.

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Free_Fro1529d ago

this could be one of their surprise announcements at E3..

Movefasta19931529d ago

If we get a last of us 2 and crash this gen , that would be awesome.

_-EDMIX-_1529d ago

It's extremely likely we're getting the last of us 2 this generation, like almost 100%. In regards to Crash I would say that's the real surprised as I personally don't see them doing it as I don't believe the IP is actually worth the money they might spend to get it back.

Movefasta19931529d ago

I could see that too,but it doesn't have to have the production values of an uncharted .

TheUndertaker851528d ago

Activision didn't cash in much on Crash so its value shouldn't have skyrocketed much.

Buying back Spyro: Probably a nice chunk of change due to the Skylanders IP and Spyro being featured heavily in the first entry

Buying CoD: Definitely a nice chunk of change due to the money it makes every year

Buying Crash: Shouldn't be that much of a difference due to Activision not cashing in on the IP

showtimefolks1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

imo i think sony has bought back the IP because activision have no interest in it

just imagine if sony starts the show with crash like they started the show with the last guardian

at E3 my wishlist

crash HD remakes/remasters and IP bought back announcement
yakuza collection for ps4
shenmue 1-2
witcher 1-2 for ps4(and xbox one)

_-EDMIX-_1529d ago

Lol after the Final Fantasy 7 and shenmue 3 announcement nothing is really that insane. Your list is actually pretty believable.

I'm not too sure about Witcher 1 or 2 getting ported considering The Witcher 1 would need a complete overhaul just the function in regards to design on console.

But like I said nothing is really that insane considering last year's E3. At this point I say no to nothing lol

ninsigma1529d ago

Considering the new consoles are now x86, it might not be as difficult to do that as it once was.

wheresmymonkey1529d ago

Oh I would love a remaster of Witcher 2 for the PS4. The first one would have to be a full remake though because its a very different game.

Hoffmann1529d ago

Sony newer owned the IP btw, they only had the rights for publishing the first games, the IP however always belonged to Universal Studios which sold them to Activision. Naughty Dog were the developers but not the IP holders as well.

_-EDMIX-_1528d ago

Agreed that was a huge mistake on Sony's part, something that the Next Generation they made sure to never do again.

nowitzki20041529d ago

Yakuza collection would be awesome. I feel like so many people have missed out on that series.

_-EDMIX-_1528d ago

Agreed I feel like Sega needs one more generation to consider those games classic lol

The way they pimpout those Sonic Collections and Sega old school collections I'm just waiting for them to do that with their Dreamcast games and the shenmue in Yakuza series lol.

I think with Yakuza V doing well for them and them announcing Yakuza 0 also coming to the West I think Sega has warmed up to the idea of slowly bringing some of those games over to the West.

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wheresmymonkey1529d ago

See above comment about Crash, owned by Activision. is now Skylanders.

Davi1231528d ago

Spyro, doesn't appeard anymore in Skylanders titles. So......

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