Trendsetters: The 10 Most Significant Games

Significant games -- these are the games that launched or toppled empires, ignited new genres, or changed the way games are played. The terms "significant" and "best-seller" are not synonymous. If they were, Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Sims would top the list as they are the best-selling non-packed-in games in console and PC history. Neither game made the list, though both inspired a host of less-impressive imitators.

So what was the most significant game of all time? The number-one slot is up for grabs. Here, in no particular order, are 10 top contenders.

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Silogon3730d ago

I only agree with 1, 6 and 7, but then again I don't agree with their placement on the list.

1 - Pac man
2 - Space Invaders
3 - Donkey Kong
4 - Pitfall
5 - Supermario bros
6 - Adventure
7 - Zelda
8 - Metroid
9 - Galaga
10 - Street Fighter 2

Thst is the list that define my gameing world. Some could say Doom was the FPS, but wasn't the prospect of FP done in Starwars long before it? A from the ship perspective in Star Voyager and many others, even. The FPS genre is pretty much junk, anyways. Only few FPS can be considered classic and only a few FPS can be played again and again and still be considered such.

hay3730d ago

No Street Fighter 2 and Diablo?